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Make Real-Life Analog Filters From Old Negatives And Candy Wrappers

You know what’s great? Magnets. You know what’s equally great? Filtered photos. Which makes this little DIY project – using both magnets and homemade filters – double great, right? Right guys?

If you have one of those hard-to-align magnetic accessory lenses for your iPhone, go grab it now. I’l wait. Now, blow the dust off and then try to find one of the spare adhesive rings which came in the bag.  [Read More…]

Real-Life Instagram Filters Now (Almost) Available [Kickstarter]

Remember those cool glass filters that act like a real-life Instagram for your real-life camera? They’re finally ready for pre-order, kinda.

The Mount July filters, from Olivia Vagelos and Martin Bush, are now up on Kickstarter ready for your support. Minimum buy in to actually get a filter is $ 35, and the full set is $ 95.

There are three filters, all with graduated colored glass. The Stinson is kind of sepia-y, the Sedona is pink  [Read More…]

Matchmaker Added To Tinder, A Real-Life Social Networking Introduction App


Have you ever wanted to introduce two super interesting people from different circles of friends, but never really knew how to go about it? Tinder, a new app that helps you discover new people around you in real time, has just updated with an added feature: Matchmaker.

“Introducing two people, whatever the purpose, can be time consuming and often times socially awkward,” says Sean Rad, CEO of Tinder. “Matchmaker gives you  [Read More…]

Watch Siri Obey Commands Using Real-Life Mind Control [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 2.46.32 PM

Siri does a pretty good job right now of figuring out what you are saying to her, but one senior iOS architect over at Honda R&D has figured out a way for Siri to understand what you think at her. That’s right, Siri has gone psychic.

iOS architet Duane Cash has figured out a way to hook a brainwave control device to a custom  [Read More…]

Ray-Ban App Uses Real-Life Instagram-Style Filters

Ray-Ban, the sunglasses company, has a rather neat take on Instagram-style retrification filters. Instead of releasing yet another photo-filtering app, Ray-Ban’s Ambermatic actually shoots your photos through a real pair of Ambermatic shades.

The app, which launched last year, sends your photos off through the ether to arrive in the Ray-Ban store in London. There, your picture is displayed and then photographed through a pair of Ambermatic sunglasses using a proper camera, before being returned, a short while  [Read More…]

OS X Mountain Lion Vs. Real-Life Mountain Lion: Fight! [Humor]

Which would win in a fight? OS X Mountain Lion or a real Mountain Lion? Over at DealMac, Jeff Somogyi put together this absolutely hysterical chart, delving into the question. The cheeky result? If the criterion on which you are judging Mountain Lions includes messaging, productivity, note taking, notifications, sharing, gaming or Twitter support, OS X has the edge. If, however, you are judging mountain  [Read More…]

Snap A Photo To Stop Your Real-Life Junk Mail With PaperKarma

Your iPhone and iPad are great paper replacements, but they couldnt actively stop it. Until now: PaperKarma is an iPhone app which lets you stop paper junk mail, just by snapping a photo of it.   PaperKarma takes an annoying, tedious task and automates it for you. Next time a piece of dead-tree spam drops onto your doormat, snap a photo and let the app go to work. It processes  [Read More…]

Big Bang Theory Asks What If Siri Was A Sexy Real-Life Woman? [Humor]

Im not a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory, but this clip from the latest episode is too good not to post. What if Siri wasnt just Wolfram Alpha stapled onto a smart text-to-speech program, but instead an actual woman, working a call center, and just as slinky and sexually promiscuous as any bro showing off in front of his drunken friends by asking for a blow job could ever hope? Thats probably not many peoples fantasies, but it  [Read More…]