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The best reason to upgrade to iPhone 6s Plus: optical image stabilization

If you want to record the smoothest 4K video with an iPhone, skip the 6s and go with the 6s Plus. The two new iPhones appear to be identical in almost every way except screen size, but in a new 4K video comparing the digital stabilization of the iPhone 6s against the optical/digital stabilization on […]

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AirDrop vulnerability is the best reason yet to upgrade to iOS 9

Hackers have just given iPhone and iPad users a big reason to upgrade to iOS 9 due out later today: it fixes a serious AirDrop security vulnerability. Mark Dowd, an Australian security researcher with Azimuth Security, revealed this morning that iOS 8.4.1 contains a critic security flaw in AirDrop that could allow an attacker to […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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A great reason not to jailbreak your iPhone

If you enjoy customizing your iPhone, jailbreaking can be a positive thing — although that doesn’t mean it comes without risks. According to a new report, around 225,000 Apple accounts have been stolen by malware on jailbroken iPhones, in what is claimed to be “one of the largest known thefts of its kind.” In some cases, this […][Read More…]

Vessel’s new subscription service gives you one more reason to cut the cord

Imagine getting early access to videos from your favorite YouTube channels, like Good Mythical Morning or Smosh. Now imagine paying for the privilege. Vessel, from former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and CTO Richard Tom, proposes you do just that: pay…Read more ›

Here’s one good reason not to buy a MacBook on eBay

When it comes to buying Apple products, you should make sure a deal isn’t too good to be true when you sign up for it. A U.K. man who purchased a MacBook on eBay for a bargain price was surprised…Read more ›

The reason for the season: affordable tech gifts for kids

Kids everywhere are looking to Santa to bring them the hottest tech toys around, including iPhones, iPads, Nintendo 3DSes and Sony PlayStations, but these types of gifts can certainly strain a lowly elf’s meager paycheck. If you’re looking for engaging…Read more ›

The real reason Russians tore down Steve Jobs’ monument

Steve Jobs’ monument in Russia was torn down the day after CEO Tim Cook opened up about being gay last week. The incident was immediately blamed on homophobic Russians and the country’s anti-gay laws, but the school where the monument…Read more ›

Apple’s “innate fear of BitTorrent” is reason for no torrenting apps, says rejected dev

Apple has a long history of keeping BitTorrent apps out of the App Store. If you search for “BitTorrent” in the App Store now, only two results show up. Neither of them allow you to actually download torrents. That’s why it…Read more ›

BiteSMS, The Best Reason For Text Maniacs To Jailbreak, Now Works With iOS 7

One of the most popular reasons to jailbreak an iPhone is BiteSMS, a jailbreak tweak that supper charges text messaging with better messaging alerts, quick reply and more. Unfortunately, ever since the iOS 7 jailbreak came along BiteSMS has been…Read more ›    [Read More…]

There’s No Reason Not To Grab ‘Brütal Legend’ From The Mac App Store For Ten Bucks

Unless you're super broke right now, I suppose.Double Fine’s Brütal Legend is out on the Mac App Store, and to celebrate, the publisher has dropped the price to a mere ten bucks. Considering that this game still retails for $15-$20 online, at least, this is a great deal. Did I mention it also has Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, […]

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