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How to Send Read Receipts to Specific Contact in Messages for Mac

Read Receipts in iMessage allow the sender of a message to know when a recipient has received it, and both the Mac OS and iOS Messages apps support this feature when communicating with other iMessage users. But many Mac users don’t want to send Read Receipts to everyone, and with the latest versions of Mac … Read More

How to Enable Read Receipts Per Contact in Messages for iOS

Read Receipts offer a way for a message sender to know you have viewed their message, and vice versa. This can be a nice messaging feature in iOS, but it has obvious privacy implications and can become problematic in other situations. Fortunately the latest versions of iOS offer more granular controls and allow you to … Read More

Facebook Messenger gets the slickest read receipts in town

Read receipts. They’re the first thing I turn off when I get a new messaging app or iOS device. But Facebook is doubling down on read receipts in the new Facebook Messenger, which has new, blisteringly fast notifications showing you…Read more ›

Go Under The Radar – Fix The iOS 7 Read Receipts Bug [iOS Tips]

One of the great things about Messages, for me, is the “read receipt.” I know if my child has seen my messages to them, of if they’ve just been “delivered” but not read. I like it. Some folks, though, might…Read more ›

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How to Turn Off Read Receipts in iMessage for iOS

Read Receipts allow others to be notified when you have read their messages. From the user perspective it displays as a tiny “Read” indicator below a sent message if the recipient has seen the message. There is some obvious benefit to that, but it can also be a bit annoying and even intrusive from a privacy standpoint. Thankfully the feature is easy to turn off or on as your own needs determine.

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Pikki Auto-Scans Receipts Into Evernote

Piikki is a fairly average receipt-scanning app with a couple of standout features: One, it auto detects the receipt in the camera frame and then – once it has a lock – auto-snaps it. And second, you can have the result uploaded directly into your Evernote notebook of choice. I would suggest the “receipts” folder, but I’m not so original.

Imagine that Evernote made something like Evernote Hello, the amazing business-card-scanning app,  [Read More…]

Enable (or Disable) Read Receipts in iMessage for Mac

Read Receipts in iMessage for Mac Read Receipts show the sender of a message that a message has been delivered, these are enabled by default in iMessages for iOS, but they are disabled by default in Message for Mac. Heres how to enable read receipts for messages sent from the Mac: Open Preferences in iMessage, and select the Accounts tab Select the iMessage account from the left Check the box next  [Read More…]

Square Adds Loyalty Programs for Customers, Cash Drawer Support, and Paper Receipts

Square updated their mobile payment application to version 2.2 today, and with it added two huge features giving the Square the ability to replace every small business cash register. The first feature allows merchants to create opt-in customer loyalty programs. These programs allow merchants to track repeat visitors and offer them incentives. Incentives can be awarded base on the total number of purchases the customer has made within an allotted time period or once they  [Read More…]