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How to Clear Recent Searches from Safari

Nearly all web browsers default to keeping a list of recent searches which are easily retrievable as part of the browser history. Safari shows this recent search list when the URL bar is clicked into with the cursor, revealing the 10 most recent web search terms or phrases. That recent search list can be convenient … Read More

  If you’re a Klout user, you’ve probably noticed the service’s huge switch in February; instead of simply measuring your social-media popularity and throwing you free goodies when you ranked up, Klout now actively guides you on your way to… Read more ›

Adjusting the number of files in the Recent list

The File menu in just about every file-centric application throughout OS X has an “Open Recent” option, which displays the 10 most recent files that have been used in that given Mac app. While 10 recent documents is a fair amount, many of us prefer to have more recent files visible in those Recent Files menus, and that’s what we’ll show how to adjust  [Read More…]

06subiPhone-articleLargeThis morning a report from China Labor Watch accused a factory in Apple’s supply chain for a number of worker abuse violations. Instead of Foxconn or Pegatron, the factory in question was Jabil, a smaller Apple supplier in the Wuxi province. The undercover investigation found that Jabil was enforcing mandatory overtime beyond the legal limit, poor training, […]

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ipad-e-bookNot too surprisingly, the five major publishers originally named in the US Department of Justice’s e-book case regarding their collusion with Apple on pricing have now themselves filed a complaint at the Justice Department’s proposal to eliminate the use of the agency model in any Apple agreements with publishers for a period of five years. […]

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No moss is gathered, ok?So, the dude that said he’d quit rock and roll when he turned 33 just turned 70. This is a guy that typically covers 12 miles during a Stone’s show as he leaps about the stage, running and dancing. Mick Jagger has been on the cover of Rolling Stone (no relation) twenty times, the first […]

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Recent Items MenuSometimes, when using the Recent Items feature of the Apple menu, you might like to find a specific file or app without opening it. Maybe you just want to find it, and then copy it or move it to a different drive, or email it to a friend. It’s super simple, and it works in […]

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Foxconn Factory

Foxconn is notorious for its tough working conditions and labor practices, but the company has started relaxing on some of its strict factory rules after two recent suicides occurred at its Zhengzhou factory last month.

Starting now, Foxconn has decided it will stop forcing workers from fraternizing with one another during work hours. Foxconn’s factories have used a “mute mode” policy with workers that prohibits any conversation that is not relevant  [Read More…]

Jeff Williams

We’ve covered the Chinese government’s multiple media attacks on Apple extensively here at Cult of Mac. The state-run press has been slamming Apple for everything from iPhone warranty practices to declining interview requests from Chinese journalists.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently issued a public apology to try and douse the firestorm, and China seemed to warm back up to Apple. Jeff Williams, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations, is reportedly in  [Read More…]

New cultcast site promo pic

Team Cult is back from Vegas, baby! Yes, we’re still a little, um, foggy minded, but with plenty of new Apple news to discuss, the show must go on.

On this episode of The CultCast, we discuss rumors of iPhone 5S, and ponder how some recent Apple acquisitions means the mystery phone could have some very radical new features.

Then, has Apple lost its mojo? And what about all  [Read More…]