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Netflix adds option to recommend shows to your Facebook friends

Trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix can take nearly as long as actually watching the show you finally pick, but a new update to Netflix could make your selection process a little quicker with recommendations from your…Read more ›

The Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless Is A Great Sounding Boombox That Is Hard To Recommend [Review]

1544Go + Play Wireless by Harman Kardon Category: Bluetooth Speakers Works With: Any iOS Device, Bluetooth Price: $399.95 These days, small, pocketable Bluetooth speakers are de rigeur, but what about the veritable boombox of 80’s yore? What for the man for whom Beats are not enough, but must march across the subway platform with as […]

The post The Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless Is A Great Sounding Boombox That  [Read More…]

More Evidence Of Apple’s Crackdown On Apps That Recommend Other Apps


App Store apps that recommend other apps are getting pulled left and right. Following the removal of popular titles like AppShopper and AppGratis, it was reported last month that Apple was beginning a widespread crackdown on apps that work similarly to the App Store itself.

Now another instance of Apple targeting app sharing services has been reported. 

PocketGamer doesn’t have the best track record (previously claimed that Apple was going to  [Read More…]

Apple Notebooks Sweep Consumer Reports Rankings, Still Can’t Recommend iPhone

This month’s issue of Consumer Reports has Apple notebooks ranked at, or near the top of every notebook category (small, 13″, 15″ and 17″). Congratulations you are now ruler of the Laptop Kingdom, here is the key to our money, dignity, and souls. I breathe at your behest. Honestly, it’s amazing that one company, in a sea of competitors, could dominate (in terms of quality) across the board in this many categories. There are a  [Read More…]