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Apple reduces amount of free storage needed for updates with iOS 8.1.3

Apple’s latest iOS 8 update fixes a number of issues with FaceTime, Spotlight and iMessages, but the biggest addition is the giant reduction in free space you’ll need to install future updates. iOS 8.1.3, released this morning, is available now…Read more ›

Countability reduces your entire life to dots on a graph, if you want

Maybe you’re trying to quit smoking or drinking, or maybe you’re just curious how much coffee you drink or how often you go to the gym. You have to track all that stuff somewhere, and Countability wants to be that…Read more ›

Marvel Run Jump Smash! Reduces The Most Powerful Beings In The Universe To Powerups [Review]

It’s been, like, a whole day since I’ve reviewed an endless game, so it’s a good thing they come out so regularly. I don’t even know how to handle games that don’t constantly scroll anymore. Marvel Run Jump Smash! by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Muse Headband Reduces Stress By Reading Your Brainwaves [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS – Adding to the long list of companies showcasing new wearables at CES, InteraXon announced its brain-reading, stress-reducing, concentration-improving headband, Muse, is coming to a frontal lobe near you really soon. The Muse headband allows wearers to have…Read more ›    [Read More…]

AgileBits Reduces 1Password 4 For iOS As Dropbox Syncing Stops In Previous Versions

1Password-4AgileBits has today announced that 1Password 4 will be on sale for just $7.99 for a limited time. That’s 55% off its regular price tag, and the app’s cheapest price tag to date. But what’s the reason for the sale? Well, on September 1, Dropbox syncing will stop in 1Password 3 for iOS, and AgileBits […]

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Sega Reduces A Stack Of Android & iOS Games For The Holidays [Deals]

If you’re hoping to get a new Android or iOS devices this Christmas, the first thing you’ll want to do is load up their respective app stores and take advantage of the holiday discounts. EA reduced a stack of titles on iOS yesterday, and today Sega has been slashing the prices of its most popular mobile titles. We’ve put together a list of titles on sale — check it out below.

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Apple Reduces Order For iPhone 5 Memory Chips From Samsung [Report]

Apple cut its order for memory chips slated to go into the upcoming iPhone 5, according to a report at Reuters this evening. Citing a “source with direct knowledge of the matter,” the report says that while the South Korean chip manufacturer is still on the list as an initial supplier of memory chips for the new iPhone model, but that Apple continues to decrease its reliance on Samsung as a  [Read More…]

Sprint Reduces iPhone 4S To Just $149, Waives Activation Fee For Online Orders

But is it a good time to buy?

Sprint has a warehouse full of iPhone 4S units it needs to shift before Apple announces the new iPhone in September, which is great news for consumers. If you don’t plan on picking up the sixth-generation device later this year, you can now grab its predecessor for just $ 149 with a two-year contract. And if you buy online, Sprint will waive the $  [Read More…]

Apple Slightly Reduces Refurbished iPad 2 Prices

Making more headlines than the move probably warrants, Apple is reducing (slightly) the prices of refurbished second generation iPads. As MMi reported last August 31st, the iPad 2 first turned up on Apple’s refurbished product pages with only minimal price breaks over a new product. Still, Apple has seen great success with sales of its previously owned and restored iDevices. And the latest price cut will probably only serve to further that success. On Friday, without any  [Read More…]

Use Firefox? Download Firefox 7, it Reduces Memory Use & Increases Speed

Firefox 7 Firefox 7 is now available to download for all supported platforms, the new release has an emphasis on improved memory management and speed, and it does provide a noticeable difference in snappiness when loading pages or browsing the web. The benefits are best seen if you keep Firefox open for a long time (who ever closes their web browser anyway?), use a lot of tabs, and view pages  [Read More…]