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Bank of America refunds duplicate Apple Pay charges

If you’ve been happily tapping up charges with your iPhone 6 after Apple Pay was released on Monday, you might want to double check your bank statements. A number of early Apple Pay users have reported that Apple’s tap-to-pay solution has…Read more ›

Apple Refunds 8-Year-Old’s $6,131 Bill For In-App Purchases

child-on-ipadApple has refunded Briton Lee Neale £4,000 ($6,131) after his 8-year-old daughter Lily spent the cash on virtual items in her favorite iPad game. Lily knew the password for her father’s iTunes account, but no one expected her to use it to rack up a huge bill on in-app purchases. Lee, an aerospace engineer, knew nothing […]

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Apple Claims GameStore App Released Prematurely – Issues Refunds

We previously reported about an application that prematurely made its way into the iPhone App Store called GameStore. It was deemed an Apple internal testing tool for their iOS in-app-purchase system. The June 2009 date, which is the month of the event in which the in-app purchase was formally announced, on the application store page seems to confirm that. Apple recently sent out an email that informed everyone that the app was pulled from the  [Read More…]

Apple Refunds Lion Overcharges

A lot of people were mistakenly overcharged when they bought Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store using there PayPal account. Now Apple has started refunding money to all those who were charged for Lion multiple times. osx lion 22 Nearly 10 days ago OS X Lion was released exclusively on  [Read More…]