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Apple Watch keynote is reimagined as a smooth pop music video

One of the highlights of any Apple keynote is that it inevitably means another catchy jingle from YouTube songsmith and longtime Mac-fan, Jonathan Mann: a musician whose Apple-centric songs once made even Steve Jobs dance. Frankly, it’s amazing that nothing short…Read more ›

Apple Moves To Trademark iAd’s ‘Advertising Re-Imagined’ Slogan

iAd-sloganApple has moved to trademark the “Advertising Re-Imagined” slogan used to promote its iAd mobile advertising platform. The Cupertino company filed for the trademark on Wednesday, September 25, more than three years after it launched the iAd business. You may be unfamiliar with iAds, but it’s likely you’ve stumbled across them at some point within […]

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Instagram Reimagined For iOS 7 [Concept]

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 5.02.24 PM

Instagram is in desperate need of an iOS 7 redesign. The current interface looks very outdated and overly textured compared to the rest of Apple’s newest OS.

To be fair, iOS 7 won’t ship to the public for months, and I’m sure Instagram’s talented designers are working on an update right now. But in the meantime, the above concept looks great. The navigation buttons and typography meshes  [Read More…]

iOS 6 Wont Be Earth-Shattering But Most Stock Apps Will Be Totally Reimagined [Rumor]

A major update to Maps is totally out of the bag, but what else is going to be new in iOS 6? According to a new report, iOS 6 wont look that much different from iOS 5 until you open up the core apps, which have all been rebuilt from the ground up.   A credible source speaking to Christian Zibreg over at iDownloadBlog says that while there will be  [Read More…]