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Facebook reinvents the chat room with Rooms for iOS

It turns out that the rumored app that Facebook has been working on isn’t an anonymous chat app, but rather a platform that lets you create your own chat room right on your iPhone. Basically, Rooms is an iPhone app…Read more ›

Jumping Jaxx Reinvents Endless-Jumper Gameplay [Video Review]

The app store is notoriously known for having tons of endless runner games. While some developers are sticking to the running genre, others have taken to jumping. The new app Jumping Jaxx is an endless jumper where players must swipe…Read more ›

UpTo Reinvents The iPhone’s Calendar (Again), Ditches Social For Simple [Daily Freebie]

UpTo’s original take on the iPhone calendar was fairly unusual. the app allowed you to follow the calendars of friends or organizations, whose events then appeared on your calendar; you could the interact withe the events more or less the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Batter Up! Bench Clearing Reinvents Baseball As A Battle Royal [Video]

Think sport should be less about good sportsmanship and complex rules, and more about violence? Clearly developer HooAh agrees on some level, because its upcoming iOS game Bench Clearing re-imagines baseball (a.k.a. “America’s favorite pastime”) as a massive free-for-all battle.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Velox Reinvents How You Use iPhone Apps From The Home Screen [Jailbreak]


What if you could do more with the app icons on your iPhone?

Velox is a highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that arrived in Cydia over the weekend. It has been a long time coming, and it’s finally here. This is one of the most original and well done jailbreak tweaks I’ve seen in quite awhile. Your iOS app icons will never be the same, and it has the potential to change the  [Read More…]

WordEver HD For iPad Reinvents Keyboard, Reinvents Touch-Screen Typos

WordEver is neat new iPad text editor with a big gimmick: the keyboard. Instead of using Apple’s built-in keyboard,it has a custom version which is both good and bad. Good, because it brings some geniunely useful features to the iPad. Bad, because it can be hard to type and lacks auto-correct, which is why the original version of this first paragraph was so bad.

In fact, I actually went back and corrected  [Read More…]

Path On Reinvents iOS Photo Captions

Path on is a super-slick new app for writing on your photographs. The gimmick, and the feature which sets it apart from all the other writing-on-photos apps in the store, is that you can put your scrawlings onto an arbitrary path. Hence the name, I guess.

Try doing this with Adobe Illustrator it’ll drive you crazy. Path, on the other hand, is easy and slick from start to finish – it’s rare  [Read More…]

Auxo Developer Reinvents iOS’s Do Not Disturb Feature In New Concept


Sentry, a designer famous for the awesome Auxo tweak that overhauls the multitasking tray on jailbroken iOS devices, has today published a new concept that reinvents the Do Not Disturb feature that Apple introduced to iOS 6. He doesn’t change the feature itself, he just changes the way it’s activated to make it super quick and simple.

Sentry believes Do Not Disturb should be part of Notification Center, and that a simple pull-to-refresh  [Read More…]

Emblem Reinvents Push Notifications On The iPad [JailbreakCon]

Click here to see Cult of Mac's full jailbreak archives! SAN FRANCISCO, JailbreakCon 2012 — Joshua Tucker, a leading interaction and interface designer for iOS, just unveiled several new Cydia projects at JailbreakCon. After explaining his approach to design and past jailbreak tweaks, Tucker announced the release of Emblem, a complete rethinking of iOS push notifications. Emblem is available now in Cydia  [Read More…]

Again, Wahoo Reinvents Fitness on the iPhone

Wahoos popular ANT+ Fisica dongle, which allows the iPhone to read signals from fitness gadgets like heart-rate monitors, pedometers and bike sensors, is probably most widely used fitness iPhone accessory since its release a little over a year ago. And today, Wahoo took the first step toward killing it. Thats because the Atlanta-based outfit just unveiled their new $ 80 Wahoo Blue HR heart-rate sensor. The Blue HR uses the  [Read More…]