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Bond producers rejected $50m offer so 007 wouldn’t have to use an Android

James Bond depressed the brake in his Aston Martin, slowing the silver beast down to stalking speed. As the car dawdled outside the six-star Maldives hotel, he rolled up the sleeve of his Giorgio Armani shirt, checked the time on his gleaming $ 20,000 Omega watch, and then reached into his pocket and withdrew the middling […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple rejected Buzz Aldrin’s space app for having too much Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin was one of the first humans to step foot on the moon. Now he’s trying to make the big leap toward becoming an iOS developer, but Apple keeps rejecting his app, Buzz Aldrin’s Space Manager Program, because of…

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Apple just rejected an app by sending out pics of a dude masturbating

Well, here’s one for the record books. Apple just rejected a developer’s app for violating its policies against pornographic content. Nothing weird about that, except for the way that Apple went about it: by sending that developer pictures of a…

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Apple explains why apps get rejected from the App Store

One of the great mysteries of the App Store is why certain apps get rejected and why others don’t. Apple has let a surprising number of ripoffs and clones through the store’s iron gates, yet some developers face rejection for seemingly…

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Apple’s “innate fear of BitTorrent” is reason for no torrenting apps, says rejected dev

Apple has a long history of keeping BitTorrent apps out of the App Store. If you search for “BitTorrent” in the App Store now, only two results show up. Neither of them allow you to actually download torrents. That’s why it…

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Qualcomm: Apple Rejected Our Idea To Make A Phone Out Of The Newton


Apple’s Newton platform was considered to be ahead of its time, even though Steve Jobs eventually axed the iPhone-like device when he made his return back to Apple. But even though the Newton was futuristic, it could have been even better if Apple had listened to Qualcomm’s advice.

During an interview with Charlie Rose, Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs said that he tried to convince Apple to put a radio chip in the  [Read More…]

Sparrow’s iPhone 5 Update Gets Rejected By Apple

Sparrow is still letterboxed on iPhone 5. Sigh.

Shortly after the iPhone 5 made its debut back in September, the team behind Sparrow announced that it would be updating its email client for the handset’s new 4-inch display — despite its decision to cease development of the app after joining forces with Google.

It seems we could be waiting some time for that update, however: Sparrow has revealed that Apple rejected its  [Read More…]

Developer Has Game Rejected For Pointing Out In-App Purchases Are “Nonsense”

There are an unlimited number of ways a developer can manage to get their new game rejected by the App Store police. Terry Cavanagh’s free game was rejected for probably the silliest reason you’ve ever heard – he told users that in-app purchases are complete nonsense.

The maker of Super Hexagon submitted his new iOS game, Don’t Look Back, to the App Store a few weeks ago. The game itself is a very  [Read More…]

Rejected: The Mountain Lions Apple Left Behind [Humor]

With all the news about OS X Mountain Lion, one can only wonder which felines didn�t make the cut for Apple�s next-gen operating system. Luckily, iPhoneSavior managed to get its hands on exclusively leaked images of all the rejected cats. As you can see, there were several great candidates.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen�this great image in every copy of Mountain Lion:

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Apple?s Request to Block Samsung Smartphone and Tablet Sales in the U.S. Rejected

As both Apple and Samsung continue to duke out their legal battles in other countries, a U.S. judge recently rejected Apple�s request to block Samsung smartphone and tablet sales in the U.S. according to a report from�Reuters. The ruling was decided upon on Friday afternoon in a California court, which brought an end to this part of the case.

The legal proceedings began in April after Apple claimed Samsung was misusing their patents for three of  [Read More…]