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Amazon plans on releasing a super cheap $50 Android tablet

If you can’t beat ’em, underprice ’em. That’s been Amazon’s motto with pretty much all its hardware, especially its Android-based Fire tablets and phones. But what do you do when even pricing your entry-level Android tablet at under $ 100 each doesn’t move units? Drop the price to less than $ 50, apparently. According to a new […]

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Minecraft creator Mojang is releasing Scrolls on iPad soon

Mojang, the now Microsoft-owned developer behind the hit game Minecraft, has a new game coming to the iPad. And good news! It’ll be getting a price drop across all platforms when it does. Called Scrolls, it’s a hex-tiled collectible card…

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5 things Apple needs to fix before releasing iOS 8

Throughout the summer I’ve been fortunate enough to follow iOS 8 through its beta versions. Every update is better than the last, but still iOS 8 could be better. With Apple’s big reveal just days away, the world is hoping…

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Sony: Apple Is “Missing Out” By Not Releasing New iPhones Twice A Year

Apple was responsible for 15% of the world’s smartphone shipments in 2013, and as much as 56% of all the profit. Sony, on the other hand, accounted for only 3.8% of the world’s smartphone shipments in 2013, and is barely…

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AllThingsD Confirms Apple Really Is Releasing A Gold iPhone

gold-iphone-640x479Rumors of Apple releasing a gold-colored iPhone have been hard for some to swallow, but according to AllThingsD’s sources, Apple plans to introduce a gold iPhone at the September 10th keynote. While many Apple fans are worried that a gold iPhone would look too gaudy and doesn’t match the Apple design aesthetic, John Paczkowski’s sources says […]

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Hey Look, Now Samsung Is Copying Apple By Releasing Crappy Commercials [Poll]

You didn’t think Samsung was going to idly sit by and watch as Apple took home the award for crappiest commercials of 2012, did you? After Apple released its Genius commercials, which were anything but, Samsung went straight to the drawing board, which coincidentally happens to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

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The Heck With Waiting For CES, Says Logitech, Were Releasing Our New Goodies Right Now!

Logitech isn�t waiting for CES next week; instead, the gadget giant is releasing two new products today � one of which raised eyebrows here.

The first is the Logitech Cube(that�s it above), a mouse in the shape of a rectangle. �Huh?� Yeah, that�s what we thought too. Then the questions began. Why does it look like a brick of ice? Hasn�t the mouse evolved over hundreds (ok, maybe dozens) of years  [Read More…]

Adding Carriers Is More Important To Apples Bottom Line Than Releasing The iPhone 5 [Report]

Yes, the iPhone design is sleek and sexy � and the Apple device is full of jaw-dropping features. But while that may convince some, what really puts the cash in Cupertino�s pockets are those boring, unexciting carrier agreements. Indeed, 50 percent of cell phone growth comes from adding new carriers. Although Apple has inked deals with 230 carriers, that is just 30 percent of the nearly 800 global service providers.

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Time Magazine Releasing Steve Jobs Tribute Issue Tomorrow

The tributes continue to pour in for late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Fewer than 24 hours after his passing at the age of 56, Time magazine is pulling out all the stops to promptly release a special commemorative issue dedicated to the life and legacy of the mogul who effectively altered the contemporary landscape of all things technology.

Incredibly, the memorial issue of Time will be released both in physical print and electronically tomorrow, Friday, October  [Read More…]

Apple Is Getting Close To Releasing Logic Pro X [Report]

Hey, sound guys! The good news is that Apple is preparing a new release of its Logic professional audio software called Logic Pro X.

The bad news? Apple may be looking to recreate the software the same way it did with Final Cut Pro X� and we all know how popular that move was with filmn professionals.


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