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BitCam: Relive the Early 90s with a One-Bit Camera for iPhone

Longtime Mac users pining to recall the nostalgia of one-bit dithered graphics and Macintosh System 6 will certainly enjoy the astonishingly accurate retro goodness offered by BitCam for iPhone. With BitCam, you can relieve the good old days of spending an afternoon on a Macintosh SE/30 in a computer lab somewhere in the early 90s, … Read More

Relive the golden days of gaming with the SNES on your iPhone [Deals]

For those who grew up with it, the Super Nintendo represents all that’s right and good about gaming. The feel of that classic gray controller, with its signature purple push buttons, is enough to take anybody back to better days, and the SNES30 proves it. A 1:1 replica design with brand new features like Bluetooth […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Relive all 13 minutes of Apple’s iconic silhouette ads in one video

Do you remember the first time you saw one of these cool iPod & iTunes commercials? Surely you were impressed with the motion, the cool white earbuds and silhouetted dancers, and the hip soundtrack pulsing out from your TV. It…Read more ›

Siri lets you relive your audio misadventures

iOS 8 includes Shazam — a magical technology that gives your iPhone the power to listen to a song and tell you what it is. In the car, at a movie theater, or even at a crowded bar, you can…Read more ›

Relive the hideous ‘golden age’ of Internet discovery

Watching almost anybody explain technology can be torturous. But watching talking heads and fresh-faced kids from the ’90s rave about the wonders of the Internet — the miraculous “information superhighway” that was about to change life on Earth — is…Read more ›

Relive the Apple Watch keynote as an hilarious musical

We’ve had a couple of days to let the massive announcements of Apple’s September 9 keynote sink in, but if you want to relive the event you might want to check out this new video from Jonathan Mann. Who is…Read more ›

Relive Ancient Retro Mac & PC Boot Sequences on the Web

Miss the good old days of rebooting your Apple IIgs, Macintosh SE/30, or Performa 720? Maybe you’re a glutton for punishment and you’d like to remember with fondness what it was like to boot into DOS, Windows 1.0, or Windows 3.11? Or maybe an Amiga? Or a NeXT computer? The Restart Page has all that … Read More

Relive Your Geeky Childhood For Free With Knights Of Pen & Paper +1 Edition

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition combines two fantastic things: a brilliantly funny de-construction of a pen and paper role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons and a mobile game that uses those very same mechanics to create a habit-forming…Read more ›

Relive Your Misspent Youth Gangsta-Style With GTA: San Andreas [Review]

Rockstar Games has been re-releasing its GTA catalog on iOS platforms for the past few years. GTA 3 appeared as a 10th-anniversary port back in late 2011, and revered follow-up Vice City turned up a year later. San Andreas’ arrival…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Relive Your Grand Theft Auto Memories With These Official Playlists From Rockstar Games

You should be dancin', yeah.

You should be dancin’, yeah.

I’m sitting here bobbin’ my head to these fresh playlists, straight outta Liberty City, Chinatown, Vice City, and other locations in Rockstar’s flagship series of games, Grand Theft Auto.

I’m not playing the games through, either. All the songs are set up in Spotify and iTunes by Rockstar itself, from the radio stations in the GTA series, including Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes  [Read More…]