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Apple’s dislike of bitcoin has been on display for quite some while now, but the cyber-currency has been hit yet again as Apple removed Blockchain — the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet — from its App Store late Wednesday. Apple… Read more ›     

Instagram recently received a minor update with bug fixes, and you may not have noticed that a small setting is no longer present in the iPhone app. You used to be able to disable autoplay for videos, but now the only video options are for sound and preloading over Wi-Fi-only. The change may not seem […]

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Apple Removes iCloud Keychain From iOS 7 GM

icloudkeychainApple seeded the iOS 7 GM to developers yesterday, and while it didn’t have any major new features – unless you cream your pants at the mention of new wallpapers and ringtones – Apple actually removed one of iOS 7’s most anticipated features from the beta: iCloud Keychain. iOS 7 beta testers were given access […]

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Sawn Off Camera-2

Warning: Hacking can endanger your camera. Photo: Charlie Sorrel

If you have a Nikon DSLR, then you can now shoot long takes of more than 30 minutes each, thanks to the tireless work of the Nikon Hackers team. This might be of limited interest even to our camera-loving readers, but what is interesting is the reason Nikon added the 30 minute limit in the first place.

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We only read this for the articles. In French.

We only read this for the articles. In French.

Looks like Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga isn’t the only digital comic getting warned off by Apple’s terms against material it deems to be pornographic lately. French comic app portal app, Izneo, has also been affected by a recent Apple warning to remove a ton of the comic books from its app offerings that Apple deems  [Read More...]

Since the iPhone 5 launched in October Apple has limited the number of unlocked iPhone 5s a customer can purchase to 2 units per transaction and only 10 units per lifetime.

Now that Apple’s stock of iPhone 5 units has caught up with demand, Apple has changed its policy on how many unlocked iPhone 5s customers can purchase.

Customers can now purchase 10 units per transaction and an unlimited number per lifetime.  [Read More...]

New Java Update 2012-006 for OS X Removes Java

Java for OS X Update 2012-006 removes Java from browsers

A new update labeled Java for OS X 2012-006 has been released for all versions of Mac OS X. The updates name is somewhat misleading however, in that instead of updating Java it actually uninstalls the Java applet plugin from all web browsers on the Mac. This is done as a security precaution to protect against potential malware, which has consistently used Java  [Read More...]

Normalize Removes Grungy Filters From Photos

Before… After!

I have no idea how many apps there are in the iTunes store that let you add filters to your photos. But I do know how many there are to remove those filters, and turn your picture into something that you can look back on in ten years’ time without cringing: One. It’s called Normalize, and it comes from Joe Macirowski.

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The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) “evaluates the environmental impact of a product based on how recyclable it is, how much energy it uses, and how it’s designed and manufactured.” For years, Apple has been one of the EPEAT’s key supporters, with many of the Cupertino company’s computers earning the highest ratings in the industry.

As one of the biggest proponents of green technology and environment friendly packaging, it’s a tad shocking that  [Read More...]


Apple recently responded to the Flashback trojan that has reportedly infected at least 600,000 Macs. The Cupertino company said that it is working on an antivirus tool to detect and remove Flashback from infected computers. Another tool called FlashBackChecker can check to see if you’re infected right now. Russian firm Kaspersky Lab has released a free Mac antivirus tool to not only discover, but also  [Read More...]