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Sexy new renders show the iPad Pro and 12-inch MacBook Air side-by-side

Photo: Martin Hajek Photo: Martin Hajek The Apple Watch might be Cupertino’s most hotly anticipated product, but for my money, the two releases I’m most excited about this year are the 12-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad Pro. Outside…Read more ›

Beautiful renders of new iPhone 6 packaging make us drool

Martin Hajek usually puts his considerable 3-D rendering skills to the task of creating conceptual models of Apple’s upcoming hardware. But after producing his highly-accurate rendering of the iPhone 6 last week, the Dutch artist has tried his hand at…Read more ›

New iPhone 6 Renders Look Amazing [Picture Gallery]

A variety of rumors, leaks, and dummy models have given us a very general idea of what iPhone 6 could look like when it’s launched this fall. But every visual rendition thus far has included some peculiar antenna lines on the back casing of the alleged iPhone 6, which many people concluded wasn’t particularly good … Read More

Let’s Get Physical: Artist Renders Touch Gestures In Wood And Plastic

Fact: I was once taking some notes about an exhibit in a gallery/museum in Berlin and a guard told me to stop using my cellphone. It was in fact an iPod touch, but whatever – try explaining that to a German security guard when you can’t speak German.

If I’d been in Gabriele Meldaikyte’s art exhibit, though, I could have continued pinching, tapping, swiping (and giving the finger to the guard) without even touching my  [Read More…]

3D Renders of White iPhone 5 Look Stunning

Martin Hajekfooled Gizmodoand large portion of the tech world earlier this week into thinking his 3D renders of the black iPhone 5 were real leaked prototypes. Well Hajek released another round of renders and theyre even more impressive. The new renders show off Hajeks vision of what a white iPhone 5 will look like based on component leaks so far. The brushed aluminum back wrapping around to the unibody housing complement the chrome accents beautifully.  [Read More…]

Apples Magnificent Mothership Campus Gets New Renders and More Details [Report]

Apple is gearing up for the construction of its new headquarters in Cupertino, California. Steve Jobs proposed plans for the new campus to the Cupertino City Council back in June, and the city quickly gave a resounding approval for Apple to begin work on its new mothership. Adevelopmentproposalhas been submitted by Apple to the City Council with more details and renderings of the future campus. And we have to say, it  [Read More…]