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Apple takes steps to avoid a repeat of XcodeGhost debacle

Apple is taking steps to avoid a repeat of this week’s serious XcodeGhost incident — in which hundreds of App Store apps were discovered to include malware in the form of a counterfeit version of Xcode, the platform used by developers to build their apps. The dodgy Xcode spread in China because it was quicker […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Repeat this simple mantra if you want to make killer Apple Watch apps

SAN FRANCISCO — The key to crafting great Apple Watch apps can be summed up with a simple mantra: “Make the user happy.” That’s designer Joe Cieplinski’s approach to all design, really, but the precept is even more important than…Read more ›

Force App Store to Refresh in iOS with a Repeat Tap Trick

If you’ve ever waited for an update to appear on the iOS App Store, either for an available app, an app update itself, or for the Top and Featured pages to refresh, you know that sometimes the App Store can sit stale. While you can often trigger an update to show up by changing the … Read More

Set a Custom Repeat Reminder on iPhone with Siri

Reminders app Ever wanted to create a reminder on the iPhone that is on a unique repeating interval? Maybe of alternating days, like a reminder every other day, or a reminder every 3 days? Oddly, this option isn’t available natively in the Calendar or Reminders apps of iOS, but these custom repeat reminder options do exist on the iPhone and iPad, you just have to use Siri to create them. Like  [Read More…]

Checkmark Update Brings Repeat Reminders And Super-Cool Map Integration

Checkmark, the supper-slick location-aware reminders app for the iPhone, has gotten a feature bump in its newest update that almost (almost!) makes it a new app.

And if you don’t already have Checkmark, then shame on you — the $ 2 app not only makes location-based reminders on your iPhone way easier and way better than the built in reminders, but it also works on your iPad.

Here’s the skinny:

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Muzzle Repeat Alerts for Incoming Text Messages In The Messages App [iOS Tips]

Itís nice to know when you receive the latest urgent text message from your significant other, but seriously do you need a reminder after each one comes in after receiving the first alert? I donít think so and youíll agree if you are like me, since I receive a lot of text messages. You can effectively muzzle that second alert notification for iMessage by performing the following steps: Launch the  [Read More…]