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Mario Kart TV lets you replay favorite races on your smartphone

Nintendo refuses to bring its immensely popular games to smartphones and tablets for fear of damaging its own hardware sales, but the Japanese gaming giant isn’t against building mobile companion apps. The much-anticipated Mario Kart 8 will be accompanied by Mario Kart TV for…Read more ›

‘Re(play)’ Showcases Grace, Movement, And Athleticism. Really Slowly.

This isn’t the most practical app for everyone, but it’s certainly interesting to look at. Re(play) features six clips of athletes being all athletic and stuff. High-speed cameras captured the footage at 236 frames per second, and you can either…Read more ›

Apples Netflix Killer iTunes Replay Stalled By Hollywood

Remember the report that Apple was preparing its own Netflix-killer called iTunes Replay for launch in the next few weeks? Well, dont hold your breath its not coming anytime soon and, as usual, you can blame a reclacitrant Hollywood for having to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.   Chet reports: The rumors from last week about Apple being on the edge of launching a cloud movie  [Read More…]

iTunes Replay Hits Snag with Hollywood Film Studios

Last week, the blogosphere was buzzing with news that Apple was inching closer to unveiling a new service called iTunes Replay,” which would bestow to users the option to re-download and stream movies and television programs purchased through the iTunes store. Speculation was kicked into high-gear one week ago today when Apple released a new Apple TV software update that allows users to re-download television programs that theyve already purchased. Unfortunately, movie re-downloads weren’t included.  [Read More…]