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Build Your Own Apple I Replica with SmartyKit

The Apple I was the original Apple computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, so naturally every Apple fanatic has dreamed of playing around with an Apple I or even having their own. But you won’t need to keep dreaming, because you’ll be able to build your own DIY Apple 1 replica thanks to … Read More

Got wood? You will after checking out this Macintosh replica

Love Hultén has created a beautiful replica of the original 128k Macintosh made almost entirely out of American walnut. Known for his craftsmanship in building replicas and concepts of gaming consoles among other gadgets, Hultén has taken that love and applied it to one of Apple’s most beloved products to date. He calls it the Golden Apple. What’s […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Watch is a miniature replica of the original iPhone

With its small screen and 0.46-inch thickness, the original iPhone from 2007 looks like an antique these days. Put it next to the Apple Watch, however, and it’s remarkable how similar the two devices look in terms of their design language.…Read more ›

It took 800 Nanoblocks to build this insanely accurate Apple Watch replica

Okay, this is pretty cool: a 2.6x scale model of an Apple Watch built entirely out of Nanoblocks, the tiny building blocks made popular in Japan, but with a growing international following. With the smallest brick being 4mm x 4mm x 5mm, creating this…Read more ›

Want to be the next Woz? How to build yourself a working Apple 1 replica

With working specimens of the original 1976 model routinely selling at auction for as much as $ 905,000, chances are, even the most die-hard Apple fans will never be able to own a vintage Apple 1 for themselves. But don’t despair:…Read more ›

Minecraft Replica of Apple’s HQ Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

Apple fanboys dream of getting inside the locked gates of heaven Apple HQ in Cupertino but if you’d rather not brave blitzing past the security guards to see all the toys inside Jony’s design studio, you can now get a complete Minecraft…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Buy A Replica Of The Classic Braun Calculator That Inspired iOS’s Calculator App


We’ve talked before about all of the Braun products that have inspired Apple’s designs. Perhaps the best known is the Braun ET66 pocket calculator, first released in 1987 replacing the earlier ET22 model which inspired iOS’s own calculator app and has become a Dieter Rams design classic.

Outside of inside your iPhone, it’s hard to find a working ET66 these days, which is why it’s so great that Braun intends on  [Read More…]

iPad Controls, GPS Bring Functional Turbine Powered Batmobile Replica to Life

If you thought some Apple fans were eccentric, just look at what Batman admirers will do to revel in their passion. Meet Casey Putsch, a long-time lover of the Caped Crusader who endeavored to build a functional, life-like replica of the Batmobile. He succeeded. This one, however, is truly an original. Not only is it a turbine-powered vehicle modeled after Tim Burton’s version of Batman’s ride (circa 1989), it actually uses the iPad for certain  [Read More…]