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Add custom replies to Apple Watch, seem less robotic

Messaging is one of the best use cases for Apple Watch – you get a message, you dictate a reply, you get on with your day. Apple has included several pre-written responses for you to use when you’re just too… Read more ›

File under the ever-growing list of “things Android does better than iOS.” Today it’s Gmail, which now lets you reply to, archive or delete your messages right there in the notification. Meanwhile, us schmucks with iPhones and iPads are stuck digging into preferences just to toggle Bluetooth on and off, and waving a freshly-slaughtered chicken over our heads as we try to make Photo Stream work again.

Android has a few features I  [Read More…]

Reply to an incoming phone call with a text message

The iPhone gained a handy feature with iOS 6 that allows you to quickly respond to an incoming phone call with a preset text message. This is a perfect solution if you’re busy in a meeting, classroom, driving, or in any other situation where you can’t take a phone call, but the caller is important enough to let them know they’ll be contacted  [Read More…]

Never pass up an opportunity for potty humor.

In our Ten Killer Tips for iOS 6 feature, we showed you how easy it is to reply to a phone caller with a text message in iOS 6. When the call comes in, tap on the little phone icon in the lower right and slide up. You’ll get the option to either reply with a message or have your iPhone remind you to  [Read More…]