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Legal practice management software company Clio has just released the latest results of a survey it calls “Apple In Law Offices,” detailing the use of Apple devices in law firms across North America. The 2013 survey marked a considerable increase… Read more ›     

According to numbers from analyst firm IDC, Apple is now the fifth-largest cellphone maker in China, with 7% of the overall market share. Apple jumped an entire 1 percent in the last quarter of 2013, based on the success of… Read more ›     

Apple has released its eighth annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report. The forty-page document focuses on Apple’s progress in providing the 1 million+ people working in its supply chain with “safe and ethical working conditions,” as well as the company’s efforts… Read more ›     

A new survey of 2,000 iPhone users saw 3/5ths of respondents admit to having a “blind loyalty” to the Apple brand. 78% percent claimed they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now,â€Â  while 52% said they had been… Read more ›     

Did you watch that? It’s total crap. The security expert quoted in the piece, Kyle Wilhoit, has just written a blog post that calls out the report, essentially saying that the hacks shown in the video can happen anywhere, and… Read more ›     

Apple is the fourth greenest tech/telecoms company — generating  85 percent of its power through green power sources — according to a new list published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The recently published report compares the amount of… Read more ›     

A reader sent this in. Pretty much sums up the two main spins on Apple you see in the media. Thanks: Chris     

Facebook’s always looking for the next thing, and the service it has its eye on now is mobile news reading and curation. The social network has the likes of Flipboard and Zite in its sights with a new app called… Read more ›     

T-Mobile is planning a big announcement at CES in Las Vegas later on today, but thanks to a leaked ad that’s been making its way around the web this morning, we already know what it has up its sleeve. As… Read more ›     

Apple’s shares closed at 1.4 percent lower for Tuesday’s trading — ending the day at $ 553.13. The reason in a nutshell: that Wells Fargo changed its rating for Apple from “outperform” to “market perform”. While this downgrade wasn’t accompanied by… Read more ›