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iPhone Discrimination: Why Reps At The Big Carriers Don’t Want To Sell You Apple’s Smartphone [Feature]

image credit: bit.ly/PtbEzY

Walk into your local AT&T, Verizon or Sprint store and ask to look at the latest and greatest smartphone. A store employee will show you the Samsung Galaxy lll and other Android phones from the likes of HTC and Motorola. You may be shown a Windows Phone like the Nokia Lumia 900. At Verizon, you’re definitely going to be shown about the Motorola DROID RAZR 4G.

You won’t get pitched the  [Read More…]

The iPad Helps Pharmaceutical Reps Influence Prescribing Practices Among Doctors

Study shows growing number of pharmaceutical reps using iPads.

We talk about the iPad’s role in healthcare pretty regularly. Many physicians and health care practices have found innovative ways to integrate the iPad into daily patient interactions. According to a new study, the pharmaceutical industry has discovered that the iPad is an excellent tool for promoting new medications and that it can influence the prescribing habits of doctors.

The news is part  [Read More…]

Verizon Reps Pushing Customers To Buy Android Over iPhone Too?

Is Verizon intentionally steering customers away from Apple’s smartphone?

A report this morning claimed that AT&T employees were being instructed to push Windows Phone and Android smartphones over iPhones to customers. Not only that, but the report claimed that employees are being forbidden from buying an iPhone as a company-owned device. AT&T later released an official statement in a poor attempt to clear the air, saying “The idea that we would  [Read More…]

AppleCare Reps Expect iOS 5 and iCloud To Land On October 10th

There have been a lot of dates floated around for when Apple will release iOS 5, but if this report is accurate, the date you should be circling on your calendars is October 10th. Why? Because Apple expects to start getting a lot of tech support issues on that day.   According to a source speaking to Apple Insider: Apple has reportedly informed its AppleCare division to expect an influx  [Read More…]

Apple Tells Support Reps To Stay Clear of MACDefender

Click the image to open in full size. On May 2nd, we reported on a nefarious new security threat that had been detected by Mac antivirus and security developer Intego. The finding was "a rogue anti-malware program" dubbed MACDefender. According to a report from the agency, MACDefender attacks Macs via "SEO poisoning" assaults. (NOTE: The malware described here is in NO WAY affiliated with MacDefender, makers of popular geocaching software). Unfortunately, not only has  [Read More…]