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How to Request Mobile Site After Requesting Desktop Site in Safari on iPhone

Wondering how to switch back to a mobile site after requesting a desktop site in Safari for iPhone? You may have noticed there’s not a “Request Mobile Site” option in Safari on iPhone and iPod touch, but changing back to the mobile version of a desktop site is quite simple on iPhone with Safari as … Read More

DoJ surprises Apple with evidentiary hearing request

The Department of Justice has pulled another surprise on Apple this week by making a last minute request to turn the company’s court appearance on March 22nd with the FBI into an evidentiary hearing. Apple lawyers told reporters this morning that they were caught-off guard by the last minute request which should have been submitted […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Start or Request Screen Sharing from Messages in Mac OS X

Messages app is generally associated with conversations, but new to OS X Yosemite is a feature which allows Mac users to initiate screen sharing with another Mac user directly from an active iMessage window. This is great for remote collaboration, showing off something on your computer, a file transfer between remote Macs, or even for … Read More

Apple Responds To Request To Make Apple TV, Bonjour Work Better For Higher Education

A coalition of higher education IT folks petitioned Apple last August to improve Bonjour, AirPlay, and AirPrint work better on large campus networks. The petition currently has 750 signatures, making Apple take notice.

This week, Apple responded to the petition by proposing a new industry standard that will fix issues with its “zero-configuration” networking technology–Bonjour–to let it scale better ad be more secure across larger networks. At an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)  [Read More…]

Judge Says Apple Can’t Have It Both Ways, Denies Request To Seal Financial Documents

US District Court Judge Lucy Koh today denied Apple’s request to have several documents sealed from public view in its fight to recoup more damages from Samsung than were even awarded by the jury several weeks ago. The documents include “product-specific unit sales, revenue, profit, profit margin, and cost data” that it also wants to use in its argument for a higher award from the court.

Judge Koh basically said that  [Read More…]

This Hilarious Samsung Slide Compares Apples Request For Damages To The Mars Rover

We get it, Samsung. It’s a lot of money.

Check out the image above, and then marvel that Samsung put this together for the court case it lost to Apple a couple weeks back in US District Court. Judge Lucy Koh understandably excluded the slide from Samsung’s final argument documents – these comparisons have nothing to do with the actual merits of the case, but rather show that Apple was asking for  [Read More…]

Apple’s $2.7 Billion Motorola Bond Request Could Potentially Earn $16.2 Billion

In a recent hearing, Apple clarified that an estimate of a bond worth $2.7 billion per year will cover the losses suffered if Motorola prematurely enforces possible injunctions on iCloud that are later overturned. According to Florian Mueller ofFOSS Patents, a lawyer on Motorolas legal team mentioned that the case may last until 2018, potentially making the $2.7 billion yearly bond worth a total of $16.2 billion. The case is part of an ongoing dispute  [Read More…]

Apple?s Request to Block Samsung Smartphone and Tablet Sales in the U.S. Rejected

As both Apple and Samsung continue to duke out their legal battles in other countries, a U.S. judge recently rejected Apples request to block Samsung smartphone and tablet sales in the U.S. according to a report fromReuters. The ruling was decided upon on Friday afternoon in a California court, which brought an end to this part of the case. The legal proceedings began in April after Apple claimed Samsung was misusing their patents for three  [Read More…]

Apple Gives Positive Answer to China Mobiles Request for an LTE iPhone

Image courtesy of The Tenth Dragon on Flickr

China Mobiles chairman, Wang Jianzhou, revealed in an interview today that Apple has given the carrier a positive answer to its request for an iPhonecompatiblewith 4G LTE networks. China Mobile is currently the largest carrier in the world, with a whopping 611 million subscribers. It has recently been working on the launch of its next-generation TD-LTE network, and when it launches, it wants  [Read More…]

Toyota Removes iPhone Cydia Theme At The Request Of Apple

In an interesting advertising move, Toyota released an official jailbreak theme for iOS through advertising firm Velti. Turns out though that Apple wasn’t so keen on this approach to advertising and told Toyota to pull it.

Toyota Theme on Cydia Toyota Theme for iPhone

The hosts of the file and their own Cydia repository ModMyi received a request from Velti to remove the theme from the jailbreak  [Read More…]