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How to Disable Website “Show Notification” Requests in Chrome

Do you enjoy being pestered with annoying “Show Notification” requests from the many websites you visit from Chrome? Maybe you do, or maybe you don’t. You’re likely familiar with the Chrome message that pops up intrusively on so may web pages, reading like “someURL .com wants to Show Notifications – Block / Allow”. Since these … Read More

Apple’s legal team blasts the media over requests to release Steve Jobs video

Apple’s latest class-action lawsuit made the news primarily because it featured none other than Steve Jobs as a key witness, as he appeared courtesy of a video deposition taken shortly before his untimely death in 2011. Immediately, news outlets jumped…Read more ›

How to Disable Push Notification Requests in Safari for Mac OS X

Push Notifications sent to Safari in Mac OS X are generally thought of as really great or really annoying, depending on user opinion. If you’re in the latter crowd that finds Safari Push Notifications to be a nuisance, you can now set Safari in OS X to never allow websites to ask for permission to … Read More

Santa Snowed Under With iPhone Requests, Twitter Shows

It’s another day, another optimistic projection for Apple’s success over the Christmas season. This time the report is from Piper Jaffray’s analyst Gene Munster, who analyzed 25,000 tweets featuring the hashtags @Santa and #wishlist — and found iPhone to be the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Exposes Governments’ Requests For Customer Data In New Report

Apple has published a new report outlining the different kind of government requests it has received for its customers’ personal data. The report breaks down the number of customer account and device requests from different governments around the world, and…Read more ›

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Evernote For iOS Gets Shortcuts, Skitch Integration, Support Requests & More

Evernote-updateThe official Evernote app for iOS now allows you to mark up images, PDFs, and notes thanks to the Skitch integration added in its latest update today. The release also brings shortcuts, recent notes, the ability to submit support requests, and more. Evernote’s Mac app got Skitch integration just last week, and we had hoped […]

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Apple Finally Provides (Some) Real Numbers For Surveillance Requests

It's about time.Apple issued a statement today designed to provide more transparency about its participation in US government surveillance requests, following Facebook and Google’s own revelations. Apple and other tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google asked the US government last week for permission to present more details of the secret orders they have received to disclose […]

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US Judge Grants Apple’s And Samsung’s Requests To Include Newer Devices In Lawsuits

Another day, another trial development.

Today, both Apple and Samsung were given the go ahead to include newer devices in their continuing legal battle over mobile smartphone and tablet supremacy, raising the stakes between the two tech giants. Samsung was granted the ability to include the iPhone 5 in its lawsuit against Cupertino-based Apple.

According to the Wall Street Journal, US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal accepted Samsung’s revised request, thus allowing  [Read More…]

Apple Freezes All Phone Requests To Change AppleID Passwords

Use this, instead of a phone call, to reset your password for now.

Yesterday, we reported on Apple’s response to Mat Honan’s “epic” AppleID, Amazon, and Twitter account hack. Basically, the company released a statement to Wired saying that the company would investigate the issue fully, as well as noting that its “own internal policies were not followed completely.”

Today, according to Wired, Apple ordered support staff to stop processing AppleID password  [Read More…]

How Siri Really Handles Samuel L. Jacksons Requests

No one smiles while using Siri in real life.

When Apple began roping in celebrities to promote Siri in its latest iPhone 4S adds, Samuel L. Jackson was one of the first to star alongside the voice-controlled assistant. In the 30-second clip, entitled Date Night, he asks Siri to cancel golf, find organic mushrooms, convert volume units, and set a reminder. Siri does as Jackson asks so quickly that he  [Read More…]