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How to Fix “Verification Required” for Apps Downloads on iPhone and iPad

You may discover a “Verification Required” error message when attempting to install or update free apps from the iOS App Store on an iPhone or iPad, thereby preventing the user from downloading apps or updating any apps. The complete message is either “Verification Required – Before you can make purchases, you must tap Continue to … Read More

How Apple could give the Mac, iPhone and iPad gesture controls … no hardware required

We’ve been waiting seemingly for years for the Mac to get gesture recognition. Accessories like the Leap Motion have tantalized us with the possibility of aftermarket solutions, while secret Apple patents have hinted at future Macs with Kinect-like possibilities. Heck,…Read more ›

The best Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS is back, no jailbreak required

Although it’s never been in either Apple or Nintendo’s graces, GBA4iOS has long been one of our favorite apps on iOS. An excellent Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance emulator for the iPhone and iPad, GBA4iOS was long available to install…Read more ›

Here’s how to get into the Inbox by Gmail beta, no invite required

Are you interested in Inbox, Google’s innovative new attempt to “fix” email, but haven’t gotten an invitation into the beta? Good news: as long as you have a real-world friend who is already part of Inbox’s invite-only beta, you can…Read more ›

Bye bye, iCrime! California moves to make iOS-style ‘kill switches’ required by law

Introduced in iOS 7, Activation Lock is a feature that prevents users who recover a lost or stolen iPhone from activating the device without signing in with the Apple ID used to erase the device remotely. By all accounts, Activation…Read more ›

GameBoy Advance Emulator Coming To iOS 7 Devices… No Jailbreak Required!

Remember GBA4iOS? It was a Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS that took advantage of an App Store enterprise deployment loophole to let you play GBA games on your iPhone or iPad, no jailbreak required. Unfortunately, Apple closed the loophole… until…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Camera Connection Kit Powers Eye-Fi Transfers, No Camera Required

Here’s a fantastic tip for iPhoneographers: did you know that you can transfer photos from your Wi-Fi-enabled SD card to your iPad while it is connected to the iPad using the camera connection kit? This amazing nugget was discovered by The iPad For Photographers author Jeff Carlson. The obvious way to suck in your pictures […]

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Required Apple Reading: Businessweek’s Cover Story On Cook, Ive And Federighi

feat_apple39__01__630x420By now you’ve probably already seen this story floating around the internet, but in case you haven’t, here’s your assigned Apple reading for the day. Bloomberg Businessweek has an exclusive interview with Apple’s Tim Cook, Jony Ive, and Craig Federighi for its latest issue. The piece centers around Apple’s leadership resisting the ‘Apple is doomed’ mantra that […]

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Hack Your iPhone To Allow Personal Tethering, No Jailbreak Required

HotSpotOne of the features that still differentiates various iPhone carriers is the ability to tether your laptop or tablet to your iPhone’s data connection without paying an extra fee. Some carriers let you do this, some don’t… and if you want to avoid tethering charges, your only option is a jailbreak, or find an app […]

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Plex Media Player Comes To Apple TV, No Jailbreak Required


The popular Plex media player that allows users to stream content from their computer to another device is now available on the Apple TV. The new app called PlexConnect is compatible with second- and third-generation devices, and it does not require a jailbreak for installation.

This isn’t the first time Plex has graced Apple’s $ 99 set-top box, but it was previously only compatible with jailbroken devices. Now the team behind  [Read More…]