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Apple’s impressive upcoming R&D center in Yokohama will allow Apple to tap into the materials, vehicles and health expertise that exists in Japan, according to a new report. The R&D facility — which will be Apple’s biggest in Asia — will join similar offices in the U.K., China and… Read more ›

Apple is set to open its first office in the UK’s innovation capital Cambridge in the next couple of weeks, according to a new report. The address of the office — which will serve as an R&D lab — is the centrally-located 90 Hills… Read more ›

Jailbreak development for a good cause.

Jailbreak development for a good cause.

Filippo Bigarella is a prolific and respected developer in the jailbreak community. The Italian teenager has released no less than 20 jailbreak tweaks and hacks in Cydia, the jailbreak alternative to the App Store. His work (e.g., Springtomize) has appeared numerous times on sites such as this one. To put it simply, he makes some of the best jailbreak tweaks there  [Read More…]



I have a complicated relationship with gloves. On the one hand, I love that they keep my fingers from falling off in frigid weather. But then there’s the frustration at their complete lack of cooperation when I’m trying to use the touchscreen on my phone. As a result, I end up either constantly removing and re-donning my gloves in an endless cycle that freezes my delicate fingers anyway — or abandoning  [Read More…]


NEWSFLASH: Teens don’t want the iPhone! Parents beware! The Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy phones are the new “it” things! Apple has lost its cool factor!!!

That’s what the Buzz Marketing Group, an organization that seeks to provide  ”lifestyle and buzz marketing services for brands seeking to attract teen audiences,” wants you to think. You may have recently seen some headlines from big sites saying that teens think Apple is uncool now.

As my British boss  [Read More…]

Apple and Starbucks have parted with (RED) to help give a little back this holiday season. Buy a $ 15 iTunes + $ 15 Starbucks gift card combo online, and both companies will donate 5% of proceeds to help fund AIDS research.

(RED) has been a longtime partner with Apple. If you buy a red colored iPod from Apple, a small percentage of the sale also goes towards the fight to end AIDS.  [Read More…]

Kyle Buckner has been inspired by Steve Jobs his whole life, ultimately choosing a career in design due to the Apple founder’s influence.

Today, he announced a new tribute piece in honor of the first anniversary of Jobs’ passing: a specially designed desk, available in two colors from his website. The desks are a labor of love from Buckner that include a special Steve Jobs logo, designed specifically for this project. The  [Read More…]

Research firm IDC recently released its estimates of global mobile phone sales for the fourth quarter and the full year of 2011. Their results found Apple moving past LG to claim third place in the rankings for the first time. The year before (in 2010), Apple was rapidly closing in on LG but fell back into fifth place behind ZTE during the third quarter as customers held off in anticipation of new iPhone hardware. The strong  [Read More…]

ABI Research: iPad App Store Tops 3 Billion Downloads

The last eighteen months have been very good to the iPad App Store. On Wednesday, prominent research firm ABI Research announced that ?iPad users are “estimated” to have cumulatively downloaded three billion applications so far. According to ABI, this massive chunk of downloads represents 19% of all cumulative downloads by Apple users. It should be noted, however, that the iPhone didn’t top three billion downloads until the App Store was two years old. Taking a factual  [Read More…]

With a price of $13.44, RIM’s stock finished last week at a total value of $7.04 billion, a value less than the $7.08 billion that Apple’s App Store is estimated to be worth. An analysis from Trefis places the value of the App Store at 2% of Apple’s market cap. Currently, Apple (AAPL) stock has a market cap of $354 billion, or more than 50 times greater than that of RIM (RIMM). “The App Store is  [Read More…]