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Researchers find gaping hole in Apple’s iMessage encryption

Encryption researchers at John Hopkins University have found a serious flaw in the encryption of Apple’s iMessage platform that shatters the FBI’s stance that encryption on devices like the iPhone is unhackable. The group of researchers discovered a bug that would allow attackers to decrypt pictures and video sent over iMessage. The flaw wouldn’t help […]

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Columbia researchers figure out how to run iOS apps on Android

Steve Jobs must be spinning in his grave right now: a team of engineers at Columbia University have figured out a way to let iOS apps run on Android, no emulation or virtual machines necessary. The project is called Cycada,…Read more ›

Researchers Sneak Malicious iOS App Into The App Store Undetected

jekyllResearchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have successfully found a way to sneak malicious iOS apps past Apple’s strict App Store review process that is designed to prevent such software from making its way onto our devices. The technique used a seemingly innocent app called “Jekyll” that could be updated after approval to carry […]

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Researchers Develop Tongue-Driven Wheelchair System Powered by iPhone, iPod Touch

Georgia Institute of Technology engineers have devised a tongue-based driving system for people with high level spinal-cord industries. The Tongue Drive System comes in the form of a dental retainer instrument activated by a tongue piercing. A tiny magnet is attached to the piercing and the dental retainer is armed with sensors that track the movement of the magnet. These signals are wirelessly transmitted to an iPod Touch or iPhone where software installed on the  [Read More…]

Warning: Paranoid Researchers Discover Highly Unlikely Keylogger Attack Using iPhone Accelerometer

A research team from theGeorgiaInstitute of Technology claims to have discovered a keyboard keylogger attack that is performed using an iPhones accelerometer. However, the situation has to be so precise and is so unlikely that if youre a victim of this attack you really are one of the unluckiest people on the planet. Okay, so maybe it wasnt fair to call them paranoid researchers, but this is how  [Read More…]

iOS Users, Start Your Gloating! Android Is Riddled With Malware, Researchers Say [Security]

Beware Android users, malware authors are picking Googles platform as their first foray into mobile mayhem, security researchers say. Interestingly, theres no mention of malware using Apples iOS.   As mobile devices grow in popularity, so do the incentives for attackers, said Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Lookout Mobile Security. The prevalence and sophistication of mobile malware attacks have evolve[d] significantly in the first six months of 2011,  [Read More…]