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ResearchKit is taking aim at hepatitis C

ResearchKit is already helping medical researchers make groundbreaking discoveries in areas like Parkinsons disease, autism, and cardiovascular disease. Now the open source software is being put to use to study hepatitis C, a virus we know little about, even though over 3 million Americas suffer from it. Despite the widespread impact of Hep C, research […]

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New ResearchKit projects will help tackle autism, epilepsy, and melanoma

Apple today announced it is expanding its ResearchKit health platform to include new studies on autism, epilepsy and melanoma. Apple will work with leading universities and research centers including Duke University, John Hopkins, and Oregon Health & Science University. “We’re honored to work with world-class medical institutions and provide them with tools to better understand diseases […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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ResearchKit apps are now available outside the U.S.

ResearchKit has already helped scientist make some breakthroughs in the study of diseases like Parkinsons, but the apps powered by Apple’s open-source health software haven’t been made available internationally. Starting today, iOS users in the U.K. and Hong Kong can get in on the ResearchKit action too, thanks to the MyHearth Counts app, which was […][Read More…]

ResearchKit is now available on iPad

Apple has already released a steady stream of major and minor software updates and continues to do so with the release of ResearchKit 1.1 that includes several new features, most notable of which is support for iPads. In the few…Read more ›

ResearchKit as popular as social media, says medical dev

As the largest crowdsourced medical data-gathering app ever, ResearchKit is arguably one of the most important inventions of recent times. And according to LifeMap Solutions, the company behind inaugural ResearchKit app Asthma Health, it’s more than living up to its…Read more ›

ResearchKit is now open to everyone

Apple’s unveiling of ResearchKit was one of the biggest surprises at event in March. The software framework is designed to help doctors and scientists with medical and health research, and starting today, Apple is opening up ResearchKit to everyone. The…Read more ›

How a biomedical expert inspired Apple to create ResearchKit

Apple’s new open source platform, ResearchKit, could change our lives more than Apple Watch, and according to a report from Fusion detailing the inside story of ResearchKit, Apple may have got some outside inspiration for the project. A lecture given…Read more ›

Thousands of people are already signing up to ResearchKit medical studies

You can keep your new ultra-thin MacBook and your high-priced Apple Watch if you want; for me, the most exciting announcement at Monday’s “Spring Forward” Apple keynote was the announcement of ResearchKit: a new open-source iOS framework that essentially turns…Read more ›

ResearchKit turns every iPhone into a medical crowdsourcing tool

Aside from the gorgeous new 12-inch MacBook Air, the part of today’s Apple keynote that excited me the most was the announcement of what Apple is calling ResearchKit, a new open-source iOS software framework designed to crowdsource volunteers for medical research…Read more ›