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Taylor Swift responds to criticism that she’s as bad as Apple

Taylor Swift, who made Apple blink this week by criticizing the company for initially denying musicians royalties during the free trial period of its new streaming service, now has her gaze square on the photographer who implied her stance is…Read more ›

Tumblr responds to Ask Me Anything by ripping it off

Tumblr has come up with its own version of Reddit’s popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview series. The new feature, called Answer Time, will let users ask anything they want of musicians, actors, activists, and other celebrities, with the replies…Read more ›

Michael Fassbender responds to doubts that he can play Steve Jobs

It’s no secret that Michael Fassbender — the actor probably best-known for playing Magneto in X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past — wasn’t writer Aaron Sorkin’s first choice for the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic.…Read more ›

Apple responds to Chinese media backlash over iPhone location tracking

After the Chinese media called iOS’s ability to track an iPhone’s location a “national security concern,” Apple has responded with a lengthy statement detailing its commitment to customer privacy. Yesterday China’s state-run CCTV ran a segment heavily criticizing the “Frequent…Read more ›

Apple Responds To eBook Conspiracy Charges, Blames Publishers


According to Reuters, US authorities have called Apple out for collusion with electronic book publishers, saying that the Cupertino-based company conspired with publishers to raise eBook prices when negotiating iBooks by playing them all against each other and against rival eBook retailer, Amazon.

The US Justice Department accused Apple of price fixing in April 2012 in relation to Apple’s negotiations with five publishers when it was launching the iPad in  [Read More…]

Instagram Responds To Backlash Over Selling Photos By Reverting To Old Terms Of Service

Instagram is sincerely asking you to chill out.

Instagram has had quite a week since legions of disgruntled users voiced complaints over the app’s shady Terms of Service (TOS) update. One clause in particular caused many users to jump to the conclusion that Instagram planned to outright sell its users’ pics without explicit permission. Instagram quickly responded to the outcry by reassuring that it has no plans to sell photos. An update  [Read More…]

Apple Responds To Request To Make Apple TV, Bonjour Work Better For Higher Education

A coalition of higher education IT folks petitioned Apple last August to improve Bonjour, AirPlay, and AirPrint work better on large campus networks. The petition currently has 750 signatures, making Apple take notice.

This week, Apple responded to the petition by proposing a new industry standard that will fix issues with its “zero-configuration” networking technology–Bonjour–to let it scale better ad be more secure across larger networks. At an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)  [Read More…]

Apple Responds To SMS Spoofing Hack, Instructs Us All To Use iMessage Instead

Yesterday a nasty iPhone SMS spoofing hack was detailed by iOS hacker pod2g. Someone with malicious intent could theoretically change the reply-to number in a SMS message without your knowledge. For instance, you could receive a SMS from a number pretending to be your bank. If you replied with a password or other sensitive data, your security would be compromised. The hack also allows for someone to send a completely spoofed  [Read More…]

Apple Responds To Journalist Victim of Epic AppleID Hack

Mat Honan of Wired.

Last week, Wired columnist Mat Honan’s digital life was destroyed by hackers who were able to connect to his AppleID and remotely erase all of the data on his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Apple responded today to Honan via a spokesperson, Natalie Kerris. In a statement to Wired, where Honan posted an account of his experiences, Apple promised to look into how users can protect their data and  [Read More…]

DriversEd.com Responds to Apple’s Ban of Their License App

DriversEd.com, developers of the recently banned License app, issued a press release yesterday addressing the ban. DriversEd directly addresses Senator Bob Caseys and the Coalition for Secure Drivers Licences concerns stating: DriversEd.com specifically and deliberately designed the app to prevent the creation of counterfeit identification…By design, it would take more effort and expertise to modify the product of the DriversEd.com ‘Driver License’ app than to construct a counterfeit from scratch DriversEd supports this by highlighting  [Read More…]