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Save the planet in style with these socially responsible Kickstarters

We all like wearing cool clothes and accessories, and some prudish police officers actually insist that we do. And if you’re conscious of your duds’ impact on the environment or history, you want to make sure that the stuff that…

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Activation Lock responsible for massive drop in iPhone thefts

There are plenty of stories about iPhone thefts causing spikes in crime statistics, but according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Apple’s introduction of an iPhone kill switch may be starting to turn around. Measuring crime after the iPhone’s…

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‘Internal politics’ responsible for lack of iOS 8 Map updates

While iOS 8 has seen tons of improvements — from FaceTime call waiting to the ability to purchase iTunes content using Siri — there’s one area that hasn’t seen a major overhaul: Apple Maps. Although the new version of Maps…

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The iPod Touch Is Responsible For More Web Traffic Than Windows Phone and Blackberry Combined

Earlier today, we said that the iPod was a dying business. But ‘dying’ businesses for Apple are still busineses that the competition would kill to have. Apple’s iPod business, for example, is still worth $ 5 billion to the company. Here’s…

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It’s Official: Smartphones Finally Outsell Dumbphones, And Android’s Responsible

LG-Optimus-F3-9It had to happen eventually, but now that it has, it feels weird: smartphones are now officially outselling dumb feature phones internationally for the first time ever. And what made it happen? Cheap Android phones. Gartner has just put out its latest smartphone market report, and in Q2 2013, smartphone sales worldwide were up 46.5% […]

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This iPhone Developer Forum Is Responsible For Hacking Apple Employees’ Macs

Do not visit this site.

Do not visit this site.

Earlier today it was reported that Apple’s computers had been compromised by a zero-day exploit in Java. Apple quickly released an update to patch the flaw for all Macs, but not before some of its own employees had been hacked.

The hack in question affected more than just Apple; Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Twitter were also compromised. How exactly were hackers  [Read More…]