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How to Recover / Restore Deleted iPhone Contacts

Restoring deleted Contacts from an iPhone It’s never fun to accidentally delete a contact that is needed, let alone multiple contacts or even an entire address book. If you find yourself in a situation where you have deleted contacts from your iPhone that you then must recover, you can often get them back by performing a variety of tricks. We’ll cover four ways to get your address book or an individual contact  [Read More...]

iTunes RestoreIf you’re an early iOS 7 beta adopter, you might want to restore iOS 6 for a number of reasons. Perhaps you just don’t like the beta experience, preferring a less changeable, buggy iPhone software. Maybe you just want to put the official iOS 7 software on your iPhone when it releases, possibly in early […]

The post Downgrade And Restore Your iOS 7 Beta iPhone To It’s Former iOS  [Read More...]


We all should back our stuff up frequently and often. With the advent of iCloud and Time Machine, keeping your Mac and the important things on it backed up has gotten easier, but there’s always a good reason to back stuff up when you can.

Reminders often have a lot of important data about us, our schedules, and things we really need to do. Keeping these backed up separately, in addition to  [Read More...]

Since Apple released iOS 5.1.1 for the Apple TV last week alongside iTunes 11, many users have reported problems updating to the new software over an ethernet connection. This appears to be the result of nasty bug in the latest Apple TV OS. Some Apple TVs even failed to boot back up after the update wouldn’t stick.

If you’ve been having problems updating to 5.1.1 on your Apple TV, then  [Read More...]

Want to unlock your off-contract iPhone 5? Try restoring in iTunes.

Verizon sells the iPhone 5 unlocked out of the box, but what about AT&T? If you buy into a two-year contract for the subsidized starting price of $ 200, you’re usually not able to get an unlock until you’ve fulfilled your contract.

Buying off-contract for the full starting price of $ 649 is another story, however. AT&T customers in good  [Read More...]

Uninstall Messages and Restore iChat Alright so you downloaded iMessages for Mac beta and decided it was a little too beta for every day use, and now you want to use iChat again right? As you probably noticed, when you install Messages it replaces iChat, but that doesn’t mean that iChat is gone for good, and uninstalling Messages Beta is actually extremely simple. Launch Messages from the Applications folder Pull down the  [Read More...]

How to Restore an iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

Restore an iPhone or iPad Restoring an iPhone or iPad to it’s default factory settings is easy whether you are restoring as a troubleshooting step or just preparing to transfer ownership of the hardware. You can reset the iPhone on the the device itself, but if the device is unresponsive, stuck on a boot loop, or otherwise needs to be restored directly, the next choice is to connect the iOS hardware to  [Read More...]

Time Machine User Accounts Ask MacRx took a hiatus for a few weeks in December but we’re back for 2012 and here to help try and answer more of your Mac and iDevice questions. Today we hear from a reader who has more user accounts than desired after restoring from a Time Machine backup: I recently replaced the drive in my Macbook, upgrading to a larger capacity drive.  [Read More...]

Once you’ve built your iOS 5.0 custom firmware, downgrading is easy. As I reported earlier this week, iH8sn0w released iFaith version 1.4 which allows you to save your iOS 5.0 SHSH blobs and APticket so that you can create a custom iOS 5.0 firmware file to use in downgrading your iDevice back to iOS 5.0. iFaith works with iOS 5.0.1 too. But since people are nervous that the Chronic Dev Team’s untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 might not work with iOS 5.0.1, there  [Read More...]

We’re hearing loads of reports from both readers and Twitter that iCloud Mail & Notes is down. According to Apple’s iCloud System Status page, they are aware the issue is affecting “some” users and are working hard to get service restored, but between the various Siri service outages and now this, it’s clear Apple’s been having issues lately keeping their servers up against strong demand. Is iCloud down for you?  [Read More...]