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Jump Between Spotlight Search Result Categories in Mac OS X

Spotlight on the Mac will search through many different file types and folders to help you find what you’re looking for, but if Spotlight finds multiple matches across different categories, you’ll see the search results returned under each respective category listing. While many Mac users will use the cursor to click the result they want, … Read More

Samsung’s ‘jihadist’ jibe could result in Apple peace talks failing

George Orwell once wrote that, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” Yesterday we reported on the fact that Samsung and Apple were sitting down to negotiate an end to the ongoing litigation…Read more ›

Dispatch App Updated. Result: Still The Best Email Processor for iPhone

Dispatch is one of the greatest email apps for the iPhone (but sadly still not the iPad). It’s purpose is to let you power through your emails and whittle down your inbox in double-quick time. And the latest update adds…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tumblr Shows The Result Of Chicago Sun Times’ Firing Of Photographers

In the right hands, the iPhone Makes a great camera. And in the wrong hands, even the best DSLR or rangefinder will spit out crap. This is the truth behind the SunTimes/DarkTimes Tumblr, a blog which highlights the terrible photos that the Chicago Sun Times is publishing ever since it fired all its photographers and […]

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Irish Minister Concerned That The Crumminess Of iOS 6 Maps Will Result In Planes Crashing In Dublin

This is not an airport, iOS 6.

iOS 6′s Maps is the biggest criticism of Apple’s new mobile operating system. In short, it’s clearly years behind Google Maps, which previously powered Maps in past versions of iOS. Most of the times, complaints about Apple’s new Maps involve the latter of being under-developed and unreliable compared to Google Maps, but the Irish government has a different concern: they are worried that iOS 6  [Read More…]

RIM Responds to Rumors That it May Dump Wi-Fi PlayBook as a Result of Poor Sales

It’s been a rough year for Research in Motion (RIM). In addition to the BlackBerry maker struggling to compete against ubiquitous Android and iOS devices, the tablet market has been even less friendly to the Canadian-based company. On Monday, word broke that RIM is reportedly considering a discontinuation of its PlayBook touchscreen tablet. RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Mike Abramsky issued a note to investors this morning which “reiterated an OTR Global report that Research  [Read More…]