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Apple Schedules Financial Results Call For Q4 2012

Apple announced their fourth quarter financial call for Q4 2012, scheduling it on October 25th, from 2 pm Pacific time (5 pm Eastern). The results should include the successful launch of the iPhone 5, which sold over 5 million units in the first three days it was on sale in the US. In addition, the iPhone 5 was launched in 22 other countries, with 100 more to come in the months ahead.  [Read More…]

Evidence Of Upcoming 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Surfaces In Benchmark Results


There have been rumors for the last month or so that Apple is planning to release a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display later this year. While we haven’t seen any physical evidence of the MacBook’s†existence, there have been a few Geekbench scores that support rumors that the new laptop will be coming soon.

Macrumors was tipped off about new benchmark score for a possible Retina MacBook Pro model  [Read More…]

Keep Up On All The London 2012 Olympic Results With The Official App [iOS Tips]

Don’t miss a thing.

Not getting enough Olympic information to feed your habit? Are you obsessing over every event, every result, cheering your team to victory? Well, perhaps the official London 2012 Summer Olympics App from The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited will fit the bill.

This app promises all the latest Olympic news, schedules, and result, letting you stay up to date with the  [Read More…]

Apple Posts Q3 2012 Financial Results: $35 Billion Revenue, 26 Million iPhones, 17 Million iPads, 4 Million Macs

Apple just released the numbers for its 2012 third quarter earnings. The company made†$ 35.0 billion in revenue and a quarterly net profit of $ 8.8 billion, up from revenue of $ 28.6 billion and a net profit of $ 7.3 billion last quarter. Apple sold†26 million iPhones, 17 million iPads, 6.8 million iPods,†and 4 million Macs in Q3.†A cash dividend of $ 2.65 per share for investors has been announced  [Read More…]

Phantom Tax Keeps Appleís Financial Earnings Results From Being Much Higher [Report]

Scads of overseas cash. That’s a technical term.

We reported a few weeks ago that Apple had parked scads of cash overseas, some $ 74 billion in cash. Looking forward to tomorrow’s earnings report, however, it can be argued that their financial numbers could be much higher if the cash, mainly parked overseas due to potential tax liabilities in the US, were returned to US Apple coffers.

According to the Associated  [Read More…]

Apple Q1 2012 Results: Record Sales, Revenue, & Profit

Apple Apple has reported an absolute blowout first quarter for fiscal 2012, far exceeding any analysts expectations across the entire product lineup. Record iPhone sales, huge iPad and iPod sales, big Mac sales, giant revenues and profits, Apple is on fire. Take a look at some of these numbers: Q1 2012 Financials: $ 46.33 billion in revenue $ 13.06 billion net profit International sales accounted for 58% of quarters revenue Gross  [Read More…]

Apple Announces Record-Breaking Q1 2012 Financial Results: 37 Million iPhones And 15 Million iPads

Apple has announced its earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2012. The Cupertino company is pleased to report record-breaking earnings this time around, with†$ 46.33 billion in revenue and a net profit of†$ 13.06 billion.†Last quarter Apple reported†$ 28.27 billion in revenue and a net profit of $ 6.62 billion. 37 million iPhones and 15 million iPads were sold in the first fiscal quarter of 2012, making this quarter  [Read More…]

Apple to Announce First Quarter 2012 Results Jan. 24

Photo by Ahmad Nawawi – http://flic.kr/p/6Nxjh4

Apple plans to announce how well it did during the holiday buying period later this month. A conference call to announce the tech giantís first quarter of 2012 financial results is set for January 24. Wall Street consensus forecasts a blowout quarter with Apple earnings up 43 percent on $ 38.16 billion of sales. Many observers expect the iPhone 4S, announced late in  [Read More…]

Apple iDevice Sting Results in 141 Arrests in the Big Apple

Without question, iPhones and iPads are the among the hottest mobile devices on the open market. Unfortunately, they’re also the “hottest” devices on the black market. That was much was illustrated yet again when New York police recently succeeded in arresting 141 people for attempting to purchase stolen iDevices. According to the New York Post, undercover NYPD officers sold the Apple products to merchants “at more than 600 stores around the five boroughs” of the  [Read More…]

Customize Your Spotlight Search To Remove Unwanted Results And Find Things Faster [iOS Tip]

  Spotlight search on an iOS device is a fantastic feature. If, like me, you have pages and pages filled with apps, itís easy to find the one youíre looking for simply by typing the first few letters of its name into Spotlight. You can do the same with songs, contacts, messages, emails, reminders, events, and lots, lots more. However, there may be some things you donít want to show  [Read More…]