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More British retailers will begin offering Apple Watch this week

The Apple Watch is gradually rolling out to more and more outlets — with British department store John Lewis and electronics retailer Currys saying that they will start selling the wearable devices from 18 September. For those in the U.S., John Lewis is roughly the equivalent of Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, probably best known for its memorable Christmas ads. Currys, […]

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Square’s new app gives retailers real-time sales data

Square continues to add to its lineup of small business tools, especially for owners and managers who want an overall better grip on their businesses. It’s introducing a new Dashboard app that does just that: it lets owners track sales…Read more ›

Only half of top 100 retailers will accept Apple Pay by end of 2015

During his January conference call with investors, Tim Cook said that 2015 would be ‘the year of Apple Pay’, and while Apple’s mobile wallet has already leapfrogged rivals like Google Wallet, a new survey of the top 100 retailers in…Read more ›

Apple is finally selling products through retailers in the Middle East

Apple has never had an official retail presence of any kind in the Middle East, until now. Thanks to a deal struck with Jarir Bookstore, Apple is directly providing its products in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government cleared Apple…Read more ›

iOS 8 makes it harder for retailers to track your location without iBeacons

Starting with iOS 8, Apple is making it impossible for marketers to track you based on your iPhone’s MAC address. When you walk around a store with your iPhone’s WiFi on, you’re are unknowingly transmitting your MAC address, a unique identifier for…Read more ›

Most U.S. Retailers & Carriers Will Start Selling New iPhones At 8AM On Friday

park-city-apple-store-lineAre you looking to pick up an iPhone 5s or 5c in person on Friday? Good news: Apple and official carrier and retail partners will be opening their doors an hour early. According to iDownloadBlog, corporate and third-party locations for At&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will open at 8AM right alongside Apple to start selling […]

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Apple’s New iPhones To Be Delivered To U.K. Retailers For September 20 Launch [Rumor]

iPhone-5-Apple-Store-1024x768Apple will begin delivering its new iPhones to retailers in the United Kingdom ahead of the handset’s launch on Friday, September 20, according to sources close to courier companies who have been speaking to The Telegraph. The Cupertino company has reportedly scheduled two “bookings” in anticipation of the early demand — but how many iPhones will be […]

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Apple Allows Discount On Just Released ‘Haswell’ Macbook Airs At Best Buy, Other Retailers

Save a few bucks, buy some software.Want to save a bit of cash on the latest Macbook Air? Now might be the time, as Apple has allowed Best Buy to discount the popular Macbook by up to $64. Other retailers, like Amazon and B&H Photo, quickly followed suit, offering their own discounts on the laptops or AppleCare. The sale at Best […]

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Biting Back At Startups, Retailers Announce Their Own Mobile Payment Plans

Major retails join forces on mobile payments system to fend of Google, PayPal, Isis, and other potential digital wallet competitors like Apple.

In a move that makes the Square/Starbucks partnership announced last week look like small potatoes, a group of national and international retailers announced plans to develop their own mobile payment network complete with mobile apps and digital wallet functionality. The move seems almost certain to shake up the nascent mobile  [Read More…]

Apple Retail Stores Will Now Price Match iPhone Discounts From Other Retailers

The new iPhone will be released in September and already we’ve seen a couple carriers and retailers drop the price on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS below the standard contract price.

Apple’s website is still selling at the standard prices, but according to some informers, Apple Store employees have now been authorized to price match discounts from other retail locations.

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