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Retina iPad Minis Experiencing Image Retention Display Issues

Do you remember how last week, the iPad mini with Retina Display was said to have been delayed to November because of LCD burn-in issues with Sharp’s IGZO display panels? It appears the rumor was true, because the iPad mini…Read more ›

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Apple Shareholders Reject Two Proposals On Human Rights And Stock Retention


Apple hosted its annual shareholder meeting today at Apple HQ in Cupertino. There were some big rumors yesterday that Tim Cook would announce a stock split during the meeting, but that never actually happened.

At this years shareholder’s meeting, all the board members were re-elected, and Tim Cook got 99.1% of investor approval. There were two proposals put to vote that Apple did not support, but both of those were struck  [Read More…]

Mobile Apps Fighting Mainly For User Retention, Not Discovery

A new report fromFlurryhas some insight for app developers (for the iOS platform and other platforms as well). Since the introduction of the App Store, mobile apps have gained an exponential amount of attention from users. Having your app discovered and then gaining popularity were usually the biggest issues many developers faced. What most developers end up doing is spending a lot of their time after their app was released to tell as many people  [Read More…]