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BookBook Now Available for MacBook Pro with Retina



The company Twelve South, which is well known for making iPhone and iPad cases that look like old books, has come out with a BookBook cover for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The cover protects your MacBook Pro with too hardback covers enclosed in genuine leather, plus a cushioned interior. It’s all enclosed with a zipper.

You can use the MacBook with the case still on, or remove it.

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Apple’s Suppliers Have Started Mass Producing iPad Mini 2 Retina Displays [Rumor]


The iPad mini would be perfect, if only it had a Retina display. Many have assumed that Apple will bump up the specs on the iPad mini display this year, but other than a rear shell, we haven’t seen any solid hardware leaks yet.

According to a new report though, Apple is definitely going to add a Retina display to the iPad mini this year. In fact, they’ve ordered the initial  [Read More…]

Leaked Images Possibly Give Our First Look At Retina iPad Mini

Although these leaked images should be taken with a huge grain of salt, multiple photos purporting to be the rear aluminum shell of the second-generation iPad mini have leaked online, showing the next mini to be slightly thicker than the existing model… highly suggestive of the next iPad mini having a Retina display.

The photos originally come from Chinese site WeiPhone, and while unverified, the site has had some success in the past with component leaks.

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Google Unveils Stupid, Expensive (But Beautiful) “Premium” Chromebook To Compete With Retina MBP


Google has just unveiled an absolutely mystifying new product apparently created by insane millionaires, for even crazier millionaires: the Pixel, a $ 1,300 Chromebook with a Retina-like display. Although it’s attractive and well specced, it might be the most inexplicable product announced this year.

For a Chromebook, the Pixel has some impressive specs: it boasts a 2,560 x 1700, 12.85-inch display with a 239ppi pixel resolution. Inside, is a dual-core Intel  [Read More…]

Lioncase’s NYHK Case Is As Easy On The Eye As The Retina MacBook Pro It Protects

Lioncase’s NYHK (New York Hong Kong) case for the iPad is a leather celebration of monosyllabic place names. It is also one of the lightest and slimmest cases around, and it is the one that the Lady still chooses despite the flood of test cases (pun intended) which sweep through our home.

Now the lightweight case has been expanded to fit the MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch. GONE! is the brittle iPad-holding shell  [Read More…]

Deals: Save 11% Off Retina MacBook Pro, 28% Off SSD Upgrades, 25% Off 16GB RAM

Mac deals

Everyone loves a good deal, and right now there are some particularly good deals on MacBook Pro Retina models available from Amazon. But if a brand new Mac isn’t in your immediate future, there’s also some pretty sweet discounts on existing SSD and RAM upgrades for MacBooks. Check them out…

Retina MacBook Pro Deals

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Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Will Push The Boundaries Of Retina, And Apple Needs To Keep Up


Samsung’s got a flagship smartphone coming down their pipeline. It’ll probably be called the Galaxy S IV. It will probably be launched in April. It will have all kinds of great and ridiculous features that I’m sure Android fans will love. But it will also have a screen that knocks the socks off Apple’s Retina display.

There have been rumors for a while now that Samsung wants to add a display  [Read More…]

Apple Settles Lawsuit With Photographer Over Retina Eyeball Image


Apple has settled a lawsuit with Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald over the alleged misuse of a photograph of an eyeball that the Cupertino company used during a keynote presentation for its Retina MacBook Pro. News of the settlement came in an order of dismissal issued by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Thursday, January 3, but the terms of the deal are unclear at this point.

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iTunes 11 In Retina Is Insanely Detailed [Image]

This is an awesome spot by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber: the Retina assets in iTunes 11 are so detailed that the Up Next icon actually has tiny little numbers next to the bullet points. Check it out full-size here.

Via: Reddit

iPad 5 To Come In March, Retina iPad Mini Will Have A6X Processor [Rumor]

With Apple having recently updated the iPad after a mere seven months, there’s been talk lately that instead of Cupertino’s schedule of annual updates, they might be moving to a bi-annual update schedule instead.

It doesn’t take a genius, then, to trace the newest rumor to mere speculation: according to a hit-or-miss Japanese Apple blog, Apple will release the iPad 5 in March, and it will have a chassis design  [Read More…]