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New iPad’s Retina Display Requires 30% More Power Than Previous Models

It’s so blue… New iPad on the right. The new iPad has an enormous clown-car sized battery. Many have speculated the new display is to blame (not too big a leap of faith), but a new study pins down the exact reason for the display’s increased power draw. Display blog dot color conducted a series of tests and concluded the new iPad’s Retina Display uses a series of advanced filters to improve color reproduction of  [Read More…]

Molten-Hot iPads, Retina Display MacBooks, And More On This Week’s CultCast

Cultcast logo Episode 5 of The CultCast just hit iTunes my friends, and this one is sure to give you a pleasant, tingly sensation. This week we investigate the truth behind overheating new iPads; declare why new retina display MacBooks could be in your hands by summer; and new iPad data plans — why are some users chewing through their monthly caps in less than a week?  [Read More…]

Reuters Report Claims Next iPhone Will Have Larger Retina Display

The iPhone’s display size hasn’t changed in, like, ever. In Apple-land it’s 3.5-inch or the highway. Unless a new report by Reuters is correct. Apple is reportedly placing orders with suppliers for 4.6-inch Retina Displays. The new displays will be used in the next iPhone, due out sometime in the second quarter according to Reuters. Those complaining of Apple’s “tiny” displays compared to some of the competition, if the report is true, will have a  [Read More…]

Apple Updates iTunes Move Trailers App For The New iPad’s Retina Display

Apple has finally updated its iTunes Move Trailers app for the new iPad’s Retina display. I say ‘finally’ because most of Apple’s own iOS apps were updated with Retina graphics on March 7th, but the Trailers app was left out. You can download the update for Trailers in the App Store now, and it looks fantastic. Unlike the Netflix app, Apple’s Trailers will let you stream video in  [Read More…]

Windows 8 Will Support Retina Display Tablets Just Like The iPad

Windows 8 will ensure it won’t be long before the new iPad has its Retina display rivals.

If you thought that the new iPad would be the only tablet to sport a true Retina display, then think again. Microsoft is encouraging tablet makers to introduce high-resolution displays into their devices with support for resolutions up to 2560×1440. Windows 8 will have the ability to upscale elements of its user interface  [Read More…]

Retina Display Compatible iPad App Section Surfaces in iTunes

Apple seems to have put together a list of 24 apps that seem to best utilize the new iPad’s high resolution Retina Display ahead of the upcoming launch. Since the release of the new iOS software development kit in March, app developers have been busy updating and submitting updates to their apps to support the tablet’s Retina Display. Users can browse through iTunes and purchase the apps, or if you already own a previous version  [Read More…]

Gorgeous Wallpapers For Your New iPad’s Retina Display [Gallery]

Apple’s default wallpaper not cutting it? Try these wallpapers instead.

You’ve finally got your hands on the new iPad, now you need some beautiful wallpapers. Apple’s newest tablet sports a gigantic 2048×1536 resolution display, so your old iPad wallpapers won’t look as good as they once did. You need higher resolution images for your new baby. We’ve gathered some gorgeous, free wallpapers that are all optimized  [Read More…]

Retina Artwork Bloats iPad Apps To More Than Double Their Size

A retina, surrounded by an eye. Photo Bodey Marcoccia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The new iPad appears to be all upside: A retina display, 4G connection, no loss in battery life and a potentially great new camera. But there is a dark side lurking in there somewhere, one that you won’t see until developers start to update their apps to be retina ready, and those apps start to gobble up your  [Read More…]

Readdle Updates Remarks & PDF Expert To Add Retina Artwork, New Features

Remarks, along with PDF Expert, will be one of Readdle’s first apps to get high-resolution artwork.

We’re huge fans of Readdle’s productivity apps here at Cult of Mac, and we’re delighted that they’re getting ready for the new iPad’s Retina display. Remarks and PDF Expert will be Readdle’s first two apps to get high-resolution artwork in their latest updates, in addition to a number of new features. Remarks version 1.1,  [Read More…]

Retina iOS App Icon Template PSD

Retina iOS App Icon Template If you’re spending the time and money to develop an iOS app, don’t skimp on the icon. This may sound like silly advice, but the fact is a good icon can make your app stand out in the App Store and on a users home screen, encouraging both downloads and use. If you’re not a designer it can be challenging and expensive to get a good  [Read More…]