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Adobe Hints At Retina-Ready Photoshop CS6 In New Teaser Video

Photoshop CS6 seems to look good on the Retina MacBook Pro.

Adobe has released a teaser video for Photoshop CS6, which the company will unveil on December 11, and it suggests one of the software’s new features will be support for the high-resolution Retina displays in Apple’s latest MacBook Pros. The 15-inch machine actually features in the clip, and there are plenty of close-ups that show rather crisp visuals.

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Retina-Ready Wallpaper Version Of iPad Junior Event Invite

IMore’s Apple supremo Rene Ritchie has rustled up this rather stunning wallpaper featuring the artwork for Apple’s just-announced iPad Jr event. And not only is it rendered text-free for distraction-free backdropping purposes, but it’s retina-ized for your hi-res iPad pleasure.

Installing the image as a background on your iPad is easy: just tap the picture (over at the iMore site), wait for the big version to load and save it to your camera roll. From there,  [Read More…]

Parallels 8 For Mac Is Retina-Ready For New MacBook Pro, Up To 30% Faster Than Version 7

Parallels 8 is available to download today.

We knew it wouldn’t be long before VMware’s Fusion 5 had a competitor. Today�Parallels�has announced the release of Parallels 8 for Mac, the latest edition of its flagship virtualization software, which includes support for Windows 8, and boasts Retina-ready visuals for the new MacBook Pro. Other improvements include support for Mountain Lion Dictation, Bluetooth sharing, and Launchpad integration.

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Is Your Favorite Mac App Retina-Ready Yet? Find Out With RetinaMacApps

The quickest way to see which Mac apps are ready for the Retina display.

If you’re the proud owner of a Retina MacBook Pro and you’re on the lookout for great apps that showcase its high-resolution display, don’t spend your spare time wading through the Mac App Store searching the hard way. Check out RetinaMacApps.com � a simple site that brings together all the Mac apps that are now Retina-ready.

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Weather Pro Looks Stunning With Hi-Res, Interactive Retina-Ready Maps

Now you can play at being a weather man in your own home

Weather Pro for iPad has just been updated with hi-definition maps. I know what you�re thinking: Are those dorks at Cult of Mac really going to write a post about every app that gets retina display support? Well, maybe, but this update actually brings something that can make use of all those extra pixels: Super-detailed weather maps.  [Read More…]