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The latest Steve Jobs movie directed by Danny Boyle is scheduled for release in less that two months, and while the screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin has received a lot of attention, actor Michael Stuhlbarg says the rehearsal process was just as crazy as the script. Stuhlbarg, who plays Andy Hertzfeld — one of the […]

We already knew that Apple has taken an interest in how its third-party partners present their wares in the Apple Store, but a leaked memo is describing just how seriously the company is taking this new initiative. Other than the clean white background that it’s so fond of, Apple is also asking vendors to pay […]

Tim Cook reveals Apple Watch sales topped expectations

Apple didn’t officially announce any Apple Watch sales numbers during today’s earnings call, but according to Tim Cook, the company has already beat its own internal expectations. While the official number of units sold remains a secret, the Apple exec… Read more ›

Other than the small matter of it not making phone calls, what’s the difference between the iPhone 6 and the new sixth-generation iPod touch, which Apple finally released last week? That’s the question that our friends over at iFixit tried… Read more ›

I didn’t have high hopes for Suicide Squad, the upcoming action movie that pits a team of supervillains together on a top secret government mission, but now that the first trailer for David Ayer’s action-packed film has been teased to… Read more ›

Your Apple Watch band contains some cutting-edge fabrication technology that could extend into other fashion accessories, according to a patent filing released today. The patent describes an ingenious method for molding “woven fibers” into any desired shape and securing them… Read more ›

El Capitan beta reveals two unannounced Apple products

Apple’s new 27-inch Retina 5k iMacs are the most beautiful desktop machine over eyes have ever beheld, and now it appears that Apple is preparing to make a smaller (and probably more affordable) version that could launch this fall. According… Read more ›

Living in a world where the iPhone dominates, and rivals don’t so much compete by doing things differently but by offering cut-rate versions of the same core technology, it can be easy to forget how much of a disruption Apple’s… Read more ›

iFixit teardown reveals what makes Apple Watch tick

The first wave of Apple Watch preorders have already been dropped off on customers doorsteps in Australia. We’ve already seen a ton of unboxing videos going through the Apple Watch packaging, but the folks at iFixit are wasting no time… Read more ›

Rumors about a plus-sized 12.9-inch iPad have been circulating for quite some time, and renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has stirred them up again after posting photos of cases reportedly designed for the device. In doing so, he may have… Read more ›