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Apple rakes in $42.1 billion in revenue in Q4 2014

Apple announced its financial results for Q4 2014 this afternoon and the numbers were big. Backed by strong iPhone and Mac sales, Apple posted $ 42.1 billion in quarterly revenue, with $ 8.5 billion net profits, or $ 1.42 per diluted share. Both… Read more ›

People may talk about tablet sales flatlining, but if the earnings of Apple’s iPad makers are anything to go by, Tim Cook was absolutely right when he called this year’s sales lull a mere “speed bump.†Casetek Holdings, a.k.a. the Pegatron… Read more ›

San Francisco-based developer Giacomo Balli doubled his take on his iPhone apps thanks to an April Fools’ Day joke. When he ratcheted up the price to an eye-popping $ 4.99 for an app that catalogs books, he got downloads instead of… Read more ›

Sporting a larger screen size, case redesign and various under-the-hood improvements, the iPhone 6 is widely expected to be the biggest refresh of Apple’s smartphone in years. That anticipation is having a major knock-on effect with Apple’s component makers, too.… Read more ›

Since Apple announced its Q3 2014 earnings last month everyone seems focused on less-than-stellar iPad sales, but along with the impending launch of the iPhone 6, Apple’s got a lot to celebrate as the company told CNBC that the App… Read more ›

App Store Revenue Grew 70% In China Last Quarter

Apple’s continued Chinese expansion saw App Store revenue in China increase by 70% last quarter. That’s according to figures from a new Q1 2014 report from app analytics firm App Annie. Key to this increase is the China Mobile deal… Read more ›

We all know Apple is one of the biggest companies around, but how big is just iTunes? Bigger than many famous, multinational corporations, as it turns out… and that’s without counting in iPhone, iPad and Mac sales. Asymco analyst and… Read more ›     

Microsoft announced $ 24.52 billion in revenue the second quarter this year, showing gains across all segments of its consumer technology business, including Surface, Xbox, and Bing search. As a previous heavy competitor and sometime collaborator with Apple, Microsoft hasn’t been… Read more ›     

Apple Spends Just 2% Of Its Revenue On R&D

Despite a budgetary increase of 32% from $ 3.381 billion in 2012 to $ 4.475 billion in 2013, Apple still spends less than 3% of its revenue (net sales total $ 170.91 billion so far this year) on Research & Development of new…

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Forget for a moment all the talk about Apple’s recent quarter financials disappointing Wall Street analysts — and instead focus on two “nuggets” from Apple’s recently released 88-page Form 10-K, as picked up by ISI’s Brian Marshall. In a note…

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