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I think Mad Skills Motocross 2 saved my life. Mad Skills Motocross 2 by Turborilla Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free It’s not because it taught me a valuable lesson about not mixing chemicals or that someone… Read more ›     

App developers everywhere are posting their own clones of the hit app “Flappy Bird” to the App Store. While few have been able to publish their apps with many significant differences, the app developers behind the new app Flappy Fall… Read more ›     

KoolPuck Wireless Charger by FoneSalesman Category: Charger Works With: iPhone 5 and up, 5th generation iPod Touch Price: £26.99 ($ 45.05) Steve Jobs famously argued that if five million people used the Mac, cutting its boot time down by 10 seconds… Read more ›     

Portable Power Brick Juices All Your Gear [Review]

You know how it is–you never seem to have enough battery power for your iPhone or iPad when you really need it. When I travel, I tend to use my iPhone 5 for everything possible, looking up nearby restaurants and… Read more ›     

While movie streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu Plus remain popular for what they have to offer, Disney has just released their own take on the genre. Disney Movies Anywhere is Disney’s latest application, giving users the ability to access… Read more ›     

As its name suggests, Endless Surf is pretty much an endless runner with a whole lot more water involved. If you’re looking for a true to life surfing sim, complete with realistic board dynamics and the like, you’re going to… Read more ›     

Primal Flame is one of those games that’s immediately impressive. Its brief loading screen at startup is gorgeous, and the title screen presents the obligatory social-networking links in its own cave-drawing aesthetic so that they fit in while still remaining… Read more ›     

I’m all about helping cute animals get home or get candy or whatever. Believe me, I am. But I’m also kind of a hypocrite because the most important word in that first sentence is “cute.” Give me a yeti or… Read more ›     

Retro arcade gaming meets today’s latest hits in the application Hoppy Frog. Enjoy reminiscing the days of Frogger with the memories of Flappy Bird, as you progress your way up the high score charts. Will Hoppy Frog become your latest… Read more ›     

Keeping themselves in the news, Mark Zuckerberg and the people of Facebook have just recently acquired the hit messaging app WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. With over 450 million people already using the app each month, they hope to build… Read more ›