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Streets Of Rage Is Rubbish — Though The Soundtrack Still Kicks Ass [Review]

  Streets of Rage by Sega Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: $0.99   So let’s get the obvious out of the way at the start: Streets of Rage isn’t exactly new. The original game came out in 1991 — meaning that it would it would now be of legal drinking […]        [Read More…]

Year In Review: The Best Freakin’ Mac Games Of 2013

There are still a ton of us who game on our Macs. If you’re one of those folks, you’ll know how great a platform the Mac can be. While there may not be as overwhelming an amount of games on Apple’s fantastic computer platform, the ones that are there are of high quality. And? There […]        [Read More…]

This Week In Cult Of Mac Magazine: Year in Review

This week, Cult of Mac Magazine looks back on 2013 with our Year in Review issue. Apple has once again overturned a few carts and made mincemeat of our best predictions for where the Cupertino company is heading next. In… Read more ›     

Bamboo AirDesk Turns Your Couch Into A Super-Comfy Office [Review]

  Mobile AirDesk by Slate Category: Portable laptop desk Works With: MacBook, iPad mini, iPhone Price: $ 129.99 Back when the Mobile AirDesk was just a Kickstarter gleam in the eye of design entrepreneur Nathan Mummert, Cult of Mac featured this project… Read more ›     

The Best Damn iOS Games Of 2013 [Year In Review]

Look, gaming is a big thing, right? You can’t swing a dead cat in an ugly holiday sweater without hitting someone who’s busily involved in some kind of gaming screen these days, and iOS has the clear advantage with the… Read more ›     

The Biggest Apple Stories Of 2013 [Year In Review]

2013 was an enormous year for Apple.  Yes, there were hyped keynotes galore, fabulous new products, record breaking sales, and much, much more. But 2013 was about more than just hardware for Apple Inc. During Tim Cook’s second full-year reigning… Read more ›     

Mac Pro Early Review Roundup

It’s still very early in the life of the new Mac Pro (shipping dates have already slipped to February), but the first review unit reports are starting to seep out — and they’re positive. A review titled “small, fast and… Read more ›     

Please Don’t Blow Up The Last Bunny [Review]

I love games like Canabalt, even though a world of tricky endless runners flowed from that simple endless platformer’s success. Last Bunny takes the Canabalt style and introduces tilt controls along with jumping to give you more control over the… Read more ›     

Kanto YU2 Media Speakers: Astounding, Room-Wrecking Sound From Small Speakers [Review]

  YU2 by Kanto Category: media speakers Price: $ 229 Kanto’s YU2s seem to come from a time when speakers were solid, simple structures; proud temples to sound that said of their owners hey, I’m serious about music, and I know… Read more ›     

Relive Your Misspent Youth Gangsta-Style With GTA: San Andreas [Review]

Rockstar Games has been re-releasing its GTA catalog on iOS platforms for the past few years. GTA 3 appeared as a 10th-anniversary port back in late 2011, and revered follow-up Vice City turned up a year later. San Andreas’ arrival… Read more ›