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OS X 10.7 Lion Is The First Great PC Operating System Of The Post-PC Age [Review]

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OS X Lion is the eighth major release of Mac OS X, and it brings to the table several ideas from iOS, like Launchpad (a matrix display of installed applications, similar to the iOS Home Screen � and the Mac App Store) which is being used  [Read More…]

Case Factori Leather iPad Sleeve Might Get Lost in a London Fog [Review]

The Grey Leather Sleeve for iPad ($ 33) from newcomer Case Factori is likely the most precisely average case we�ve ever reviewed. It does the job politely, and without fanfare. Or much personality.

I struggled valiantly to find anything to set this case apart. It works well enough, its coated leather sides providing enough scratch and bump protection to make it a genuinely useful iPad sleeve. It also fits an iPad  [Read More…]

Better Than Angry Birds: Siege Hero [Review]

Siege Hero for iOS

If Angry Birds opened your eyes to the joys of knocking things down, but you�ve since got bored with all that clucking and those pigs snorting at you, perhaps it�s time you looked for an alternative. In which case, allow me to recommend Siege Hero.


I�ve been playing this game for weeks, and I think it�s better than Angry Birds.

In Siege Hero, you  [Read More…]

Get Music That Matches the Tempo of Your Workout With Cadence.FM [Review]

Cadence.FM (free) is an excellent iPhone app that compliments your workouts by providing you with a constant streamof music that consistently matches a chosen tempo � it�s your �on-demand personal DJ.�

Its best feature is that all of the music it plays is streamed from the SoundCloud music community and includes the best popular remixes, trance, house, dub-step and club music � so you don�t even need to store tracks locally on  [Read More…]

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Whenever I try out a new iPad case, the first thing I notice is its thickness. Lets face it, some cases can bloat a svelt iPad into a fat (but well-protected) lump. Others are nice and thin… but provide little or no protection from everyday bumps. For me, it’s that balance of function vs. protection vs. style that makes or breaks a case. *Wood skin pictured is  [Read More…]

iCarbons Wood and Carbon Fiber Review [GIVEAWAY]

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So if you’re sitting there wondering how you can spruce up your now-half-as-magical iPad 1… we’ve got you covered!

And when we say “we’ve got you covered,” we mean iCarbons does. And when we say “you,” we mean your iPad. Or your iPhone. Or your iPod. Or even your AppleTV!

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Apple Seeking Rigorous Mac OS X Lion Security Review

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Apple is yielding the floor to various security experts for the sole purpose of looking into the company’s Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. This marks the first known occasion in which Apple has paraded its new software to anyone outside of its immediate community of developers. It has been confirmed that Apple is, indeed, inviting no shortage of esteemed security researchers to thoroughly scrutinize the security strengths  [Read More…]