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From rap to riches: Mary J. Blige & Tony Bennett will play iTunes Festival London

Apple has updated its lineup for next month’s iTunes Festival London, adding several new names including Tony Bennett and Mary J. Blige, demonstrating just how wide-ranging the festival is in terms of its music. The festival kicks off in September,…Read more ›

Apple Lobbies Obama For Tax Holiday, Wants To Bring Its Riches Home

Credit: aresauburn/flickr

Apple’s profits stashed overseas is getting restless for a trip the the United States. The tech giant, frequently seen wealthier than the U.S. government and Exxon-Mobile, is lobbying the U.S. government for a five percent ‘tax holiday.’ In a bizarre picture, Apple is aligned with Republicans and against the Democratic American President. At it’s last quarterly report, Apple announced it had almost $ 80 billion in cash. Google, Oracle  [Read More…]