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Magic Flute bike pump is a magical tool you shouldn’t ride without

Lust List: Magic Flute bike pump by Portland Design Works The magic of the Magic Flute is its ability to do two things with equal aplomb. On the one hand, it is a solidly built hand pump that lets you fill your bike tire the old-fashioned way. On the other, it is a handy CO2 […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Skydiver’s lost GoPro gives us all a nauseating ride

What might be seen as a testimonial to the ruggedness of GoPro cameras, may not attract more people to the sport of skydiving. A GoPro camera that fell off a skydiver’s helmet in Sweden was found intact and the finder,…Read more ›

Your Uber could be paying for others to ride

Your Uber account is handy for catching a ride. It may also be handy for someone else to get around town on your dime. Stolen Uber customer accounts have turned up for sale on the dark web for as little…Read more ›

Stunt driver takes blind dates on ride of their lives

Blind dates can be full of surprises. But few ever end with the man crapping his pants – and with cameras rolling. Such were the scenes created in a Ford Motor Co. promotional video posted on Feb. 6 to YouTube…Read more ›

5 short films that will blow your mind during your daily subway ride

Okay, so we live in something of a great time for epic movie storytelling — where a combination of the home video market, multiplex theaters, and multi-part franchises mean that filmmakers are no longer pressured to squeeze giant stories into…Read more ›

Ride with strangers on Lyft and Uber to save money

Services like Lyft and Uber made summoning a ride with your iPhone a reality, and now they’re going to make sharing that ride even easier. Both startups have announced new features that will make rides cheaper, providing that you’re willing…Read more ›

Take a Virtual Ride Through an Abandoned Amusement Park

#new-royalslider-1 {background-color:transparent;padding-bottom:100px;border-bottom:1px solid #DADADA  ;margin-bottom:25px;left:0;} .rsDefaultInv .rsGCaption {position:relative;background:none;float:left;padding:0 10px;} .rsDefaultInv .rsGCaption p {font-size:14px;color:#808080  ;} .rsDefaultInv .rsThumbsHor {margin-bottom: 5px;background:#000;} .rsDefaultInv, .rsDefaultInv .rsOverflow, .rsContainer, .rsContent, .rsSlide {background:#000;} .royalSlider .rsFullscreen {bottom:100px !important;} Amidst the laughter, cheers and screams Kris van de Sande was…Read more ›

Apple ad parody serves as promotion for SF ride sharing startup

Do you work in tech? Then why are you wasting your time on a blog, rather than doing what you should be doing: coming up with “fresh” new ways to parody Apple. To prove that it is one of the…Read more ›

How Apps Turned My Crappy Old Ride Into A Smart Car

This story first appeared in Cult of Mac Magazine I was almost out of gas. I was also almost out of cash. I needed to find the cheapest source of fuel for my beat-up ride so I could get downtown…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tunnel Escape Is A Magic Carpet Ride Of Death [Review]

When I saw Tunnel Escape in the App Store my first thought was that it looked a lot like the magic carpet sequence in the Super Nintendo version of Disney’s Aladdin (which is the best version, do not bring your…Read more ›    [Read More…]