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IFTTT is ready to become more than just a standalone service in 2015. Hoping to transition to a company with multiple products, IFTTT revealed today that it has created three entirely new ‘Do’ apps — Do Button, Do Camera, and… Read more ›

This week, Luke details all the ways those original iPad haters were utterly wrong on the fifth anniversary of Apple’s category-busting tablet, Luke has a sneak peek at the stunning mural for a new Apple retail store in Chongqing, China,… Read more ›

Five years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad. A giant screen with one button, the iPad represented possibly the purest distillation of Jobs’ tech dreams. Yet at the time it was met with derision. “I got about 800 messages in the last 24… Read more ›

We get slammed 24/7 with new Apple rumors. Some are accurate, most are not. To give you a clue about what’s really coming out of Cupertino in the future, we’re busting out our rumor debunker each week to blow up… Read more ›

Ridiculous Fishing had a good 2013. The breakout game from the Dutch developers at Vlambeer was Apple’s best iOS game of the year. It also won a coveted Apple Design Award. We called it “stellar” and “addictive” in our roundup… Read more ›     

Out today, TurtleStrike brings iOS and Android gamers a new, turn-based strategy game with over 80,000 combinations of weaponized, armored turtle warfare. You’ll get Tesla coils and kamikaze turtles, a missile named Big Bertha, and the chance to compete in tournaments that have real monetary rewards. Sound like fun? You bet your shell it does. […]

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Apple’s guidelines for its new Lightning connector have forced a popular Kickstarter project that sourced almost $ 140,000 in funding — more than twice the amount it required — to close and refund all of its backers. Electronics firm Edison Jr designed a charging station compatible with a multitude of Android and iOS devices called the POP. But after exceeding its funding goal, it quickly realized that Apple wouldn’t approve it.

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Thumb Pushing Knife

Good lord! Where do we even begin with this crazy iPhone case? With the list of its capabilities I guess, and maybe a video of it (literally) screwing around.

And now that list I promised you:

2.5” knife with 0.75” of serrations 1.8” Sawblade Small flathead screwdriver Large flathead screwdriver Medium Phillips screwdriver Needle-nose pliers Wire cutters 6 metric Allen wrenches Wire stripper 120mm ruler (110mm on iPhone 4/4s) Bottle opener Kickstand

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SNL iPhone 5 kit

Saturday Night Live weighed in on the ridiculous nature of some of the iPhone 5 complaints this past weekend with an amusing skit that spoofs whiny tech journalists and their complaints with the Chinese factory workers who build the iPhone itself. It’s pretty funny and puts the outrageous complaints into some proper perspective, ranging from the Maps complaints to scratching issues, and just about everything in between, you’ll certainly  [Read More…]

Look at that. Just look at it. That’s Samsung’s latest anti-iPhone 5 advert. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Not only is it one of the most slanted product comparisons I’ve ever seen, but it’s got a pitiful message: “Our phone is better because our contrived spec list is longer!”

And not only that, but the bottom half of the Galaxy S III’s specs on this ad are meaningless anyways. They don’t inform you about  [Read More…]