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Think same? HTC’s new One A9 ad is another Apple ripoff

Before he made The Martian, Ridley Scott directed the most iconic Apple ad in history with the classic 1984 Macintosh commercial. So what better way to set yourself apart from Apple as a rival smartphone maker than to… completely rip off ideas Apple was circulating thirty-odd years ago? Yeah, we don’t get it either. Check […]

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Is Apple’s new 4K iMac a total ripoff?

Apple delivered the 4K iMac many fans have been waiting for this week, but it’s not quite the all-in-one powerhouse some were expecting. Look past its beautiful design and you’ll find a lot of drawbacks you probably wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) expect to get with a $ 1,500 computer. The upside is, this gives another great topic for […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Xiaomi’s MacBook ripoff could be a reality after all

Not content with competing with Apple in the smartphone and wearables category, noted ripoff artists Xiaomi are reportedly considering unveiling their very first notebook computer early in 2016. The notebook is reportedly planned for the first quarter of next year, and would be designed to compete directly with higher-end laptops like the MacBook Air and […][Read More…]

SuicideGirls give ripoff artist a taste of his own medicine

You can spend $ 90,000 on a Richard Prince “piece of art.” Or you can get the same thing from the original source he ripped off at a 99 percent discount. Prince used screenshots of people he followed on Instagram and…Read more ›

Xiaomi’s MacBook Air ripoff turns out to be a hoax

The Apple blogosphere was ablaze yesterday with reports that noted Apple ripoff artists Xiaomi had reportedly come up with its most brazen copycat attempt yet: a MacBook Air-alike which looked indistinguishable from Cupertino’s offering, with the exception of a Xiaomi logo instead…Read more ›

Lenovo’s iPhone ripoff is so blatant it puts Samsung to shame

It’s easy to point a finger at Xiaomi, the Chinese phone maker that clearly draws a lot of… inspiration from Apple. And there’s Samsung, of course. But there’s another copycat offender out there that’s almost just as bad, if not…Read more ›

Why the iPad mini 3 is a gigantic ripoff

The iPad Air 2 is the best tablet Apple’s ever made. The iPad mini 3 is good, but it’s also a gigantic ripoff. Phil Schiller gushed over all the new iPad Air 2 upgrades during today’s keynote, reveling in its improved…Read more ›

Will.i.am’s new wearable looks like a terrible Apple Watch ripoff

Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am clearly has more money and ideas than he knows what to do with. He also uses words like “screenager” and “fashionology.” His latest tech product is a smart “cuff” called Plus, and it comes equipped…Read more ›

Xiaomi takes copying Apple to the next level with blatant iOS ripoff

By now, it’s obvious that Xiaomi is heavily inspired by Apple’s product design. The Chinese company’s founder even dresses up like Steve Jobs at events and uses the “One More Thing” presentation gimmick. Now we’ve been given a look at…Read more ›

Game Of Clones: Threes Developer Slams ‘Rip-Off’ Copycats

It’s become a begrudgingly accepted part of the App Store that the moment a popular game appears, the clones roll in with miniscule differences. While most of us laughed at some of the ridiculous variations that emerged for a popular…Read more ›    [Read More…]