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How to get ripped with Apple Watch weightlifting apps

Fitness is not just about walking, running and cycling, despite what your Apple Watch may have you believe. Strength training is also important. Without it, your fitness routine is like a one-hand clap. Whether you are aiming for a ripped beach body or just to improve your overall health, you need to lift some weights. […]

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New Android app design guidelines ripped from iOS playbook

Your Android apps are going to get an iOS-style makeover soon, thanks to new design guidelines from Google. Mostly concerned with the bottom of Android apps, Google is looking to have its developers place a bar across the bottom of their apps that will let users navigate between different sections of the app, just like […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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7 things copycat Xioami blatantly ripped off from Apple

When Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced the Mi 4 on Tuesday, we — and pretty much every other site that covered the news — were quick to point out that it bears a slight resemblance to the iPhone. This isn’t the first time…Read more ›

Samsung Ripped Off Apple’s Original iPhone Ad For Galaxy Gear Launch [Video]

What’d Samsung ripoff from Apple this week? Well, you may have heard that the Galaxy Gear just dropped a few days ago. The reviews have been less than stellar, but to promote its smartwatch Samsung released a commercial that looks a whole lot similar to the very first iPhone commercial Apple dropped at the Oscars […]

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What If Apple Ripped Samsung Off For The iPhone 6? [Gallery]


There are a lot of crazy rumors floating around out there about the iPhone 6. It might boast a huge screen, come in different colors, have a polycarbonate body, and maybe even a fingerprint sensor. If you believe even half of those rumors, then this might be Apple’s craziest iPhone yet.

Most of the rumors will probably be proven false, but what if Apple decided to go down a crazy path and actually rip off Samsung’s smartphones?  [Read More…]

Jailbreak App Display Recorder Ripped Off And Released In The App Store

Display Recorder in the App Store is a near clone of its jailbreak counterpart.

Fans of jailbreaking will most likely know about Display Recorder, the jailbreak app by Ryan Petrich, that, as its name implies, lets you record your iPhones screen. Display Recorder is one of the reasons I initially began jailbreaking my devices. Its a handy tool if you need to show someone how to do something on your iPhone.  [Read More…]

Check Out The Latest Way Samsung Has Shamelessly Ripped Off Apple

Despite the fact that Samsungs being sued by Apple in pretty much every country in the world short of Xanadu and Zembla, the IP rip-offs just keep on coming from the plucky Korean electronics giant! This time, as ObamaPacman notes, Samsung isnt just content on ripping off the design of the iPod touch for their new Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 player theyve ripped off the iPod touchs official product  [Read More…]

Watch Out! Scammers Want To Sell You A Fake iPad This Christmas. Heres How To Avoid Being Ripped Off

Fake iPads (Credit: Flickr/ukhomeoffice)

You want to buy an iPad for Christmas. The problem: scammers know it too and are waiting in prey for you this holiday season. Here are some tips on how to safely shop for tablets online without falling victim to hoax high-tech Santas. Fake iPads often originate in China thats the word from MarkMonitor, a firm warning consumers of something called brandjacking. This scam essentially relies  [Read More…]