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iOS and Mac attacks will rise in 2016, but Apple still no. 1 for security

Security firms Symantec and FireEye say that 2016 is set to usher in an increase in the number of attacks on Apple systems — following a rise in the quantity of threats to Mac computers, and the more-than-doubling of iOS malware in 2015. Dick O’Brien, a researcher at Symantec, says the increasing number of attacks is part […]

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Three Apple Watch TV Commercials Debut “Us”, “Rise”, “Up”

Apple has introduced three commercials for the Apple Watch, each with a different focus and feature emphasis. Titled “Us”, “Up”, and “Rise”, the TV advertisements are airing now and are included below for easy viewing. “Us” is focused on the communication abilities of Apple Watch, demonstrating features like message notifications and responses, sending doodles, and … Read More

iPhone 5s is world’s top smartphone, but phablets are on the rise

The iPhone 5s is the number one smartphone in 35 countries around the world, according to new research conducted by Counterpoint Technology Market Research. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 came in second followed by the S4, Note 3 phablet, and iPhone 5c at…Read more ›

Cole Rise on Instagram fame and creating Litely, the hottest new photography app

Cole Rise has nearly one million followers on Instagram and the hottest new photography app in the App Store. He also made seven of Instagram’s built-in filters, which explains where the name for the “Rise” filter originates. His app, Litely, is…Read more ›

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus trailer makes it look like the most badass iOS game ever

Mobile developer Vivid Games has dropped a new trailer for its forthcoming open world actioner Godfire: Rise of Prometheus and — wow! If I wasn’t excited about getting my Greek mythological badass on prior to watching these tantalizing glimpses of what’s…Read more ›

Sound Rise, An iPhone-Friendly Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Sound Freaq’s Sound Rise is an old-fashioned concept wedded to new-fangled function. It’s a clock radio (remember those?) that plugs into your iPhone and charges it while sucking the sound out of your music library or favorite streaming apps. The…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Lessons From The Heavenly Rise Of Little Inferno

This story first appeared in Cult of Mac Magazine. Your game may be great, but languish in a cobwebbed corner of the iTunes store. That was almost the fate of Little Inferno, an original downloadable game launched in 2012 by…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Delightfully Simple Rise Alarm Clock Is Apple’s App Of The Week

8am_CloseUp_SetApple names a new and noteworthy app each week as its App of the Week. This week, it’s Simplebot’s Rise Alarm Clock, a universal alarm clock that’s getting quite a bit of buzz in the tech sector. Let’s face it, alarm clocks are a dime nickel a dozen, so it’s ironic to see one hit […]

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Android’s Growth In The U.S. Has Flatlined While iPhone Continues To Rise [Chart]



A lot has been said lately about the iPhone’s demise, and thanks to global smartphone marketshare numbers, you’d think the Apple-hating Negative Nancys are right. But then if you look at the U.S. marketshare numbers, it’s a completely different story.

Benedict Evans created the chart above based on AT&T and Verizon’s recent sales figures. It’s pretty clear that the iPhone has been the only smartphone that is actually increasing sales  [Read More…]

Android On The Rise During Record Quarter For Ad Impressions, But iOS Still On Top

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 14.56.26

Ad impressions reached a record high during the fourth quarter of 2012, according to data from Opera’s latest State of Mobile Advertising report, with revenue to publishers more than twice that of any previous quarter throughout the year. The figures show that Android continues to increase its share of the market, but it’s got a long way to go before it topples iOS, which boasts a whopping  [Read More…]