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How to play Crossy Road on Apple TV with your iPhone

Once Apple brought games to the Apple TV, it was a no-brainer that we’d all want to play them together on the couch in our living room. Apple requires developers to support the new Siri Remote, but they can also allow third-party game controllers to move stuff around on the screen, too. Crossy Road, the […]

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Apple Car is almost ready for public road tests

Apple is reported to have met with officials at California’s Department of Motor Vehicles to discuss plans to test itsĀ self-driving Apple Car on public roads. What does this mean? Quite possibly that we’re set to get a glimpse of the Apple Car a lot sooner than most people figured. According to the Guardian, the fact […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Conan is so metal on his road trip to Comic-Con

Conan O’Brien and sidekick Andy Richter head off to Comic-Con International this week on the late night television show. Instead of taking the train down, Richter decides to take a road trip. Conan is excited! What happens next is a…Read more ›

Safety-minded Kiwis want Apple Watch off the road

The Apple Watch may not be available in New Zealand yet, but that isn’t stopping some safety-minded organizations from seeking to ban it, and other smartwatches, from use while driving. “A second’s inattention at the wheel can result in tragedy,”…Read more ›

Appleā€™s fitness guru hits the road for tour of Japan, China, and Australia

Apple Watch could become one of the most important devices you can shackle yourself to, so to amp up the Apple faithful into more heatlh-focused nerds, Apple has sent fitness guru Jay Blahnik on a special events tour in Australia,…Read more ›

Critics are going mad for Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is crushing it, according to spectacular early reviews all over the ‘net. Review aggregator Metacritic has the apocalyptic film pegged at a 91 out of 100 based on 39 reviews and competitor Rotten Tomatoes has its…Read more ›

Drive smarter with the safest way to use your iPhone on the road, the ExoMount Touch [Deals]

Take your phone on the road without risking a ticket with the ExoMount Touch. Saving 33% off the list price, this safe and solid mobile phone dock can be yours for only $ 19.99 with Cult of Mac Deals. The sleekly…Read more ›

Meet the Stromer ST2, the best electric bike on the road

Oh. My. Gosh. The Stromer ST2 electric bike is so much fun, it should not be street legal. Two weeks ago I had zero interest in electric bikes. I’ve ridden traditional bicycles my entire life and I love them. The…Read more ›

Gamify your commute: Waze drops Easter eggs all over the road

Crowd-sourced navigation app Waze has got a neat little idea for this coming Easter: little eggs you can drive over while using the app for points (three per egg!) and bragging rights. So, as you drive down the street, headed…Read more ›

How Crossy Road developers made $10 million in 90 days

SAN FRANCISCO — Crossy Road developers Andy Sum and Matt Hall never set out to rake in a pile of cash. They did, however, want to create a popular game. ā€œWe wanted to make the next Flappy Bird,ā€ said Sum…Read more ›