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Masked Robbers With Guns Storm Paris Apple Store In $1.3M Heist

Apple’s retail store in Paris was targeted by armed robbers on New Year’s Eve, who managed to bag an estimated $ 1.25 million worth of goods. The attack took place at 9 p.m. local time on Monday, around three hours after the store had closed, Paris police confirmed. Although no Apple staff were on the premises, a security guard and a cleaner were in the store.

The two suspects reportedly  [Read More…]

Find My iPhone Wins Again As Stolen iPhone Leads Police To Four Armed Robbers

Dear Theives. We’ve been over this like a thousand times. If you’re going to steal an iPhone, make sure you either A) Reset it, or B) Turn it off. There’s a wonderful application called Find My iPhone that’s going to lead the cops to you everytime.

Four armed robbers in Springfield Massachusetts still haven’t learned this valuable bit of information. The robbers donned their masked and rushed into an Ambis convenience store with their guns and  [Read More…]

Robbers and Thieves Seem to Prefer The iPhone

The Android platform and the iOS platform have always been a topic of heated discussion in most cases. Whatever your personal views may be, it is important to note that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so agreeing to disagree is usually the best bet here. That being the case, it is always interesting to read statistics and information regarding the two. According to NBC New York, two robbers in upper Manhattan are targeting  [Read More…]

Cops and Robbers 2.0: App Tells You Where Police Are

An new police app takes the game of cops and robbers to a different level: concerned citizens plus hooligans, miscreants and various and sundry in Surrey, U.K. can now see where the police are. We want to provide communities with the information they need so that they are empowered to work together with the police to tackle the issues that matter to them locally, policing Minister Nick  [Read More…]