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Add custom replies to Apple Watch, seem less robotic

Messaging is one of the best use cases for Apple Watch – you get a message, you dictate a reply, you get on with your day. Apple has included several pre-written responses for you to use when you’re just too…Read more ›

The Bracketron, A Robotic Power-Sucking Vampire Symbiote… Kinda

This is the Bracketron, a robot which will help you fill out your NCAA tournament charts. Not really. The Bracketron is in fact a robot which will help you put up shelves that won’t fall down as soon as you place something breakable up there.

NOT REALLY AGAIN. The Bracketron is a USB charger which leeches its power from an outlet that is already in use. Which actually makes it better than  [Read More…]

Double Amputee Gets Himself Two iPhone-Controlled Robotic Arms Worthy Of Jony Ive Himself

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCyaaga8MqA?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

In an accident almost too horrifying for words, Jason Koger once ran over a fallen power line with his four-wheeler. 7,200 volts ran through his system, and the addient was so horrifying, he needed to have both his arms amputated. But there’s an app for everything, even robotic hands.

Koger’s new cybernetic hands were designed for him by UK-based prosthetic developers Touch Bionics, and it’s called the i-Limb (natch). Featuring five individually powered digits and a totally  [Read More…]